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Kthehu sonte

Kthehu sonte. (x4)
Kthehu sonte ti.
Zemra jote e di ende rreh per mua.
Ti s 'ja thu askujt fjalen te dua.
Ti se ndjen askend pervec prekjes sime.
Shpirt te lutem kthehu sonte.
Un e ndjej pranin tende kudo qe hapet.
Shpirti yt pa mua sikur i humbur pret.
Buza jote s'puth buzen e tjeter kujt.
Sa shum me mungon sonte.
Kthehu sonte. (x4)
Kthehu sonte ti.
Edhe ket nat si cdo nat tjeter gjum nuk kam ne sy.
Ana jote e shtratit jtoht qendron pa ty.
Jeta ime ti ndeje ket mallin tim.
Dua te kthehesh sonte.
Netet e mia jan te gjata e pa ngrohtesi.
Kur nuk ndjej nga ti pasion e dashuri.
Shpresa ime un te dua teper ty.
Eja me merr sonte.
Von kamelia_m am Di, 21/02/2012 - 14:42 eingetragen
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Return Tonight

Return tonight. (X4)
Return tonight.
I know your heart still beats for me (still loves me)
You dont say the word i love you to anyone
You dont feel no-one except my touch
Darling please return tonight
I feel your presence wherever i go
Your hearts awaits like a lost soul without me
Your lips dont kiss other lips
I miss you tonight
Return tonight. (X4)
Return tonight.
This night like every night is sleepless
Your side of the bed stayes cold
My love feel my nostalgy
I want you to come back tonight.
My nights are long and cold
I dont feel passion and love from you
My hope i love you so much
Come and take me tonight.
Von dj_arber am Do, 29/03/2012 - 01:03 eingetragen
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Berliner25    So, 19/04/2015 - 11:18

Hi. A couple of corrections to your English:
1) The personal pronoun "I" is always capitalized
2) dont is incorrect. It should be "don't" (it is a contraction of do not so it must have the apostrophe)
3) v. 1 line 3: "no-one" should be "anyone" - English does not allow a double negative