La Bomba (Englisch Übersetzung)


La Bomba

Es una bebida Que va cambiando tu vida
Una gotita de nada Te vuelve loca
Loca divertida
Agua de risa Con unas gotas de rosa
Y una aceituna sabrosa
Y en lo caliente Esa es la bomba
Muevete mamita Que me vuelvo loco
Emborrachadita de la bomba estas
Cosa Linda, Cosa Mona Sube, sube que la bomba va
Bum, bum, dando media vuelta
Bum, bum, otra vuelta mas
Bum, bum, y en cada esquina nena dame mas
Que noche con vida
Intensamente vivida
Te vas quedando colgada
Inofensiva Pura enamorada,
Mira guapa Sale volando la ropa
Sigue bailando la luna
Luna gatuna Esa es la bomba
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The Bomba

It is a drink that changes your life
A droplet of nothing, it drives you crazy
crazy fun
Water of laughter with some drops of pink (rose)
and a tasty olive
And in the hot thing, that is the Bomba
Move on mommy, that drives me crazy
Surely drunk with the Bomba, you are
pretty thing, drunk thing, up, up the Bomba goes
Boom, boom, half turn
Boom, boom, another turn
Boom, boom, and in each corner baby gives me more
That night with life
Intensely vivid
You depart remaining high,
harmless, pure, enamored
Look handsome, the clothing leaves flying
follow the moon dancing
Feline moon, that is the Bomba
Move on mommy
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