Françoise Hardy - La fin de l'été (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

The End of Summer

You know, I have voyaged far and wide
I have seen other beaches
And forgotten them all
You know, I have seen many storms
Witnessed by young and old
At summer’s end
And so, I would like to know the reason why
What keeps me here beside you
Tonight, under the rainy sky
And yet, is this beach not the same
Am I no longer the same
What is it that has changed?
I know you’d like to make your journeys
Far and wide, forget our beach
Leave everything behind
Alone, I'm alone in searching for that why
What today takes you far away from me
Is this really good bye?
The rain falls and dampens my face
And confounds with the tears
I can no longer hide
Even so, I would still like to tell you
Ever more how much I love you
At least until next summer
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La fin de l'été

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