Luca Carboni - La nostra storia (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Our Story

And under this sky, full of stars
I smell fresh air and I feel your skin
I hear distant voices of those who go on a binge
At this sweet night I think about our story
And under this sky where the years are passing
We are still children but with white hair
And under this sky we have met
I don't know if it was by coincidence, but we have loved
And we have walked in a world that rushes
And we have slowed down when we were said "wait!"
And we have seen all and we have seen nothing
Among all the things that change quickly
And who knows if it is just a game, if the stars have the wires
If someone already knows all about these children in the backyards
If it is useless to hope, if it is useless to fight
If it is useless to pray, if it is also useless to love
But we have walked and we will still go on
Running down all with just one bullshit
But we will make peace again and we will make love again
And we will always do all to make our pain sweet
And under this sky where the years are passing
I still turn red as when I was fifteen
To say you that I would like to marry you after we have chosen the name
So our child will be our witness
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La nostra storia

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