Lágrimas do Sul (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Tears from the South

To live again
Everything you suffered
Harbor of despair and tears
Pain of solitude
Pray to your orishas
Keep the sound of the drum
To salute your beauty
In the return of reason
Warm, sweet and black skin
Your body and your sweat
To the dance of joy
And a thousand wings to fly
That shall come someday
And may them come soon, let them not take long
It's time for humanity, time to wake up
Continent and more
The song keeps asking for you
(The song keeps asking for us)
Africa, cradle of my parents
I hear the voice of your lament
Of multitude
Grates and slavery
The shame, every day
And the wind from your South
Is a seed from another story
That has already repeated itself
The dawn we wait for
And men haven't felt
That the end of this badness
Is the gas that generates chaos
Is the mark of insanity
Africa, in God's name
Shut this world's mouth up
And walk, until forever
The song keeps rooting for us
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Some of it might sound kind of strange, but that's because the Portuguese language can sound very peculiar when translated from a song of poem.


Lágrimas do Sul

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