Lass die Leinen Los (Englisch Übersetzung)

Es wurde um Korrekturlesen gebeten.
Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

Take off the leashes

You decide where to take this
You lead your own way
Wish you in other worlds
Then you arrive safely
Through your thoughts,
You will not erode
You will reap what you sow
And you shall get what you want
Trust is like love
Love with a face
Don't be scared of anything
Because fear doesn't stimulate you
Be strong in your beliefs
Be strongs in your acts
When you believe, everything is possible
Stop resting
Things are never really bad
It's only how you see it
What you do, how you live and what you seek
What can't be moved
Can't be changed
Once we're on the way
You can't stop us
The rich are never really rich
Because one cannot eat gold
And the rest are much, much more than a hundred men
Who rule and lose
Even before winning
Because at the top one can then
Only fall or fly
And only we can fly
Take off the leashes
Our sails scream
It should move forward
And whoever wants must be there
Take off the leashes
When the wind turns
The mission will become great
It's never to late
The present is always
The past goes by
Who wants to die must live
Who wants to live exists
We're at home everywhere
Also when the skies rise up
Also when the flames burn us
They ought to know we want to live
We want to live
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Der/Die Ersteller/in der Übersetzung bittet um Korrekturlesen.
Das heißt, dass er/sie erfreut darüber wäre, Korrekturen/Vorschläge in Bezug auf die Übersetzung zu erhalten.
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Lass die Leinen Los

marilynnnnmarilynnnn    Sa, 16/01/2021 - 10:58

@tequilasunrise, thank you so much for translating. I have spent almost a week trying to unlock it with my limited German (www.reddit.com/r/nenagabrielekerner). Your translation really helped!

The line that perplexes me the most is "Und das Übrige ist viel viel mehr als hundert Mann die regieren und verlieren noch bevor sie siegen."

Do you have any insights?

Thank you!

marilynnnnmarilynnnn    Sa, 16/01/2021 - 11:09

Also, since there are references to the wind catching the sails, should Leinen be thought of as the ropes of a ship rather than its other meaning of leashes?

TequilasunriseTequilasunrise    Sa, 16/01/2021 - 14:58

No worries Regular smile
Leinen could be ropes, leashes, leads... there are various references in the song so I'd rather hear from a native speaker how they understand it.

Regarding your previous comment, I wasn't quite sure how to translate "noch bevor", because the next sentence suggests that since they're at the top they can't go higher, so even when they win, they lose in a way.

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