Willy Denzey - Le Mur Du Son (Bounce) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

The Sound Barrier (Bounce)

Listen here, I got some good sound
Come on, turn it up
Don't lie to yourself
Prepare yourself mentally
What are you waiting for?
Don't waste your time
Get up, chill out
Now it gotta
Let's break the sound barrier
Don't ask questions
Like I'm led by a magnet
I slowly come to you
Cross the sound barrier
Sign it with my name
I take my position, efficient
Follow my direction
It's so good
It's meant for you
I can see my reflection
Fall onto you
Get started
We gotta dance
Get up, chill out
Now it gotta
Now you can feel my effect
I won't take it from you
I'll be able to give it to you
More, my love
You can ask me for more of it
Be sure I'm always ready
I never have limits
Oh yeah, forever
Just tear it up, oh yeah
(hook x2)
We gotta bounce
Oh yeah
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Le Mur Du Son (Bounce)

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