Le Paradis Artificiel (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Artificial Paradise

Cursed be the day you crossed my border,
and like an arrow you went directly to my heart.
You became my main passion,
On your misleading love I became dependent.
You set me free from sorrow,
giving to my soul interior peace,
amidst the abyss, the heavens opened,
showing an immense artificial paradise.
It's sold to you in the hidden corners,
in the most miserable alleys from the big city.
Like all love, the first month was the best,
but too soon, really soon, the pleasure vanished.
Only by hearing your name, my desire lives again,
sated by the dart full of destructive poison.
Against fever and shivering
in the frozen water of perspiration.
A thousand times I tried to resist,
a thousand times like a fool I looked out for you.
I found you in the loneliest corners
in the most miserable alleys
I found you in the loneliest corners,
in the miserable alleys from the big city.
Just learning.
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Le Paradis Artificiel

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