Olivia Ruiz - Le Tango du qui (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

The Tango of Whatever

Roll up roll up! In here this evening, a show fantastic and marvellous! [Can’t make out the rest]
I introduce myself---- my name is Clara
I am the sad clown in the opera
My world is this this hospital
I am mentally disordered
I am on the trapeze with my friends
And without a net, without a net, nothing to stop us
All together burning down the road
What a great job, the life of an artist!
Enchanted! I am Lucy
I collect insomnia
There’s sunburn in my heart
I catch my sleep
I walk around with my eyes closed
The man in white said that I was a sleepwalker
But he has never understood anything
That dreams also have a country.
I am whomever I like
I go where I go
Guess who I am
Who I screw and where I live
I am whomever I resemble
Who I resemble and assemble
The more the merrier, all joyful
Let’s go join the company
Come dance the tango of whatever
My face is telling you something
No, I can’t see - My name is Rose
I exist in invisible ink
Happy at everything, but amnesiac
We dig around in what our memory has
To fill those odd holes
I quite like these vortices
To find again the bizarre.
Come in, come in, it's me Lison
Half woman and half
My Siamese twin will not delay you
I am going to leave the present
It is like a flying fish
That I don’t resemble
We hear about schizophrenia
But two is so much better a life
I don’t introduce myself, call me nothing
'Reason' is the reason that they had
I have no name, no history
My cabaret closes tonight
Stunned in the neon lights
The acrobats have the finale
They have their reasons
Just before going crazy.
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Le Tango du qui