Catalan pronunciation

· A - When stressed always has an open sound between the sound of the a in bat or father. Examples: pa (bread), mà (hand), pare (father).Unstressed sounds like the a in sugar or the e in butter. Examples: porta (door), roba (clothes), dona (woman).
· B - sounds like the b in bar. Bonic (pretty), també (also, too), balcó (balcony)
· C - Before e or i sounds like the c in acid. Examples: cel (sky), cita (appointment).In almost all other cases sounds like the c in cat. Examples: poc (little, not much), casa (house).
· Ç – Like s Examples: cançó (song), començar (to start)
· D - like the d in door. Examples: divendres (Friday), demà (tomorrow).
· E - Open e is like the e in set. Examples: cel (sky), nen (child), cafè (coffee). Closed e is like the e in they without the final gliding sound. Examples: llengua (language), llet (milk), carrer (street). Unstressed e is like the e in butter and sounds just like unstressed a. Examples: mare (mother), jove (young). Unstressed e before a sounds like a closed e. Examples: teatre (theater), real (real).
· F - like the f in far. Examples: família (family), estufa (heater).
· G - With an a, o, u, r, or l at the beginning of a word or after n, sounds like g in get. Examples: gos (dog), gana (hunger).
· H - Always silent
· I - like the i in marine
· J -like the s in measure or vision. Examples: jove (young), netejar (to clean).
· K - Only appears in assimilated foreign words. Always sounds like the k in kitten
· L - like the l in love
· L.L - as two ls. Examples: mal·leable (malleable), idíl·lic (idyllic).
· LL - like the lli in the word million
· M - like the m in mother
· N – like n in noun
· NY – like the spanish ñ Example: Espanya (Spain)
· O - Open is like the o in coffee. Examples: bo (good), allò (that). Closed is like the o in note without the final glide. Examples: cançó (song), boca (mouth).Unstressed is between the oo in boot and foot. Examples: potser (maybe), comprar (to buy).
· P- like p in pain
· Q- like k
· R – as in Spanish has two sounds, one strong Rosa (Rose) and the other weak Però (but)
· S – like s in sound. Dissabte (Saturday). Like z in zoo. Rosa (rose)
· T – like t in time
· U – like the u in rude
· W - Only appears in assimilated foreign words
· X – like ch in champagne
· Y - Only appears in assimilated foreign words. (For ny see n.)
· Z - Pronounced like the z in zebra. Examples: zèfir (zephyr), zel (zeal), zona (zone).

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