Lilian Harvey - Truly Rural Gentlemen lyrics request

  • Künstler/in: Lilian Harvey
  • Lied: Truly Rural Gentlemen
  • Sprache: Englisch

Please help me with the lyrics.

We own a country dwelling
Two beds, one ???
And all backyard is a sight to see
And there we love to roam
The truth is worth the telling
This country scene has been a bit hedged up
But none can say that we have bought a (shack?)
'Cause that's our happy home

We're truly rural gentlemen
As happy as it can be
The rain may come through now and then
But we are living ???
The roof may ??? and there's no ???
For the very very nourishing
Everything is for the best
In a happy and harmonious
Never acrimonious
??? home in the west

2. We own a hen called Hetty
And though she hasn't laid an egg yet
That may be her idea of etiquette
??? she's not a hen
The goose is called ????
We live with her on most delightful terms
And every day she eats a hand of worm
And goes to bed at ten

Chorus repeated

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