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  • Lied: LOG. 2 Übersetzungen
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Hérissons et Katioucha.1
Tu bloques le char
Tu stoppes le fascisme.
… Tu penses :
Bloquer la cachette
D’armes et d’argent
Stopper le secret
Qui te tue.
« Coucou ! »2
1 le peuple russe a vaincu Hitler à mains nues.
2 chanson de Tsoï.
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Hedgehogs and Katioucha.1
Locking the tank
Stopping fascism.
… You think of:
Blocking the dungeon
Full of weapons and money
Stopping the secret
Which kills you.
1 WW2 (Russian side).
2 Tsoï song.
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Log: list of events of a running computer.
My translations are from past and present to a better future of Russia as its history can’t be severed from world history. Peace to all of us.