LOVE TRIP (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Love Trip

I have many overflowing feelings but,
I barely have any words I wanna say to you
Before we could even share joys and sorrows, my heart had already melted away
1 2 3, take a deep breath, and just blurt it out
but if it was that easy I’ll just end up losing it
That’s why I’m gonna go
this love, this song — we’re moving past that now
“Don’t disappear!” I plead, as
the hand I was holding had weakened its grip
I’ll keep breathing even without you
but, even still I need you, hey
It’s clearly always been the truth
Just buried in shadows of emotion, becoming unseeable
That’s why we do it like this —
We clap our hands and laugh together
1 2 3, take a deep breath, and with a big voice
I want to shout “We are here!”
That’s why we’re gonna go
our failures, our mistakes — we’re moving past that now
Even if the hand I’m holding let’s me go
there’s nothing to be afraid of
You’ll clearly be fine even without me
That’s why I chose you
We can no longer become just “one” —
We, in search of love
Even if its insufferable and can’t be fulfilled
I want to love
Unwittingly I would love
That’s why I’m gonna go
I don’t think I can find anyone else but you
With these overflowing feelings, just one will do
I might be able to convey to you
as if to keep myself as “me”
as if to keep you as “you” I’ll sing of this love
Von Lucas Caetano am Sa, 30/12/2017 - 01:53 eingetragen
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