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Oj lu lu li lu li
Na lai cai lai wu li
Tai silli na Lulli
Stali tu ma tiya tat
Cem did yad kok gad woad
Cii buble cka ci met koon
Ci solot ki moloc kon
Wii buble ti ri
A ti tin kan spiit spit
Kol nissackal ne ne stala
A ti tii nac kolnis tala
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Englisch Übersetzung

dovey dovey

ah la la ah la la
doves came a-flying
doves came a-flying
on the little crib they sat
and they started thinking
how to feed the little baby
to give it some honey, or a bagel
or some sweet sweet milk
we'll grab a bagel
we'll throw in some honey
we'll cook some oatmeal
and steam some milk
the crib goes squeak-squeak
the baby goes to sleep, sleep
the crib stops squeaking
but the baby goes on sleeping
Von fwhm am Fr, 13/04/2012 - 23:58 eingetragen
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