Fettes Brot - Männer (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


(Lauterbach, Luth, Schrader, Warns, von Hacht)
Men - whether blond, brown or henna(-red)
It does not matter whether you're a manager or a tramp
There is a lack of trust between us and the women
There is a fraction but no common denominator
When they spot a woman driving some men say
That seems a bit fishy to him and it's certainly going to be expensive
But there are women as well that maintain their prejudice
That I'm a macho who's brain is in the pants
Equal rights do not automatically mean the right to empower
I think the boys are not as bad as
You might think
I have even cried in my life
I am you friend not your foe
But many people say a man is a softie
If he takes such a thing
Because something makes him feel blue
If a man does not climb the ladder (of job)
It would be a severe degradation of his reputation
Protest and spit on social pressure
Stay at home if you want like the fly Puck
Until pregnant men belong to the normal course of life
And before you get it you're an emancipated as a man
As a real man
I am a man - a real man
Am I a man? - a real man
I am a man - a real man
Man and woman, woman and man, so many unexplained questions
man, where shall a start? Okay a difference between he and she
Is clearly to see in the anatomy
But furthermore it's hard to decide
What's a rumour and what's fact
I for example am frequently told
Women are more sensitive because men don't feel it
Men are sex obsessed, women far from it
Mh mh, guys, my experiences are different
And I don't believe that as a man you think more logical
I can't believe it, because my brain does not cope with logic
And other clichés are quite often also wrong
But nevertheless this topic doesn't stop to bother me
Sometimes I wonder, how is it really?
Is it all a lie or in what am I different?
Are we really the same/equal or entirely different
different feelings or the same in loving?
I can't tell you but if somebody can
Tell me cos I am King Boris and a real man
A real man
I am a man - a real man
Am I a man? - a real man
I am a man - a real man
I am a man not a woman and not an eunuch
I did not chose that and sometimes I did curse it
When I see the men's image in this country
Then I can hardly believe it, it hurts so much
nah, alas, how they see me
That's not me, I don't fit in this cliché
Constantly manly, always with a boner
And then there are women who expect exactly this
I'm no moustache wearer, know-it-all,
Car carer, piss-while-standing
No tieonputter, knife drawer,
Child maltreater, chief oppressor
I can't stand them either, those macho sayings like
Women's place is in the at the hearth in the kitchen
Because if you look at it a little closer
The chef in the restaurant is not a woman
Man and macho is not the same
It's getting on my nerves this fussing about image
I can tell you one thing: when you compare men and women
It's propably not harder to be a man
But it's not easy either
I am a man - a real man
I am a man - a real man
Am I a man? - a real man
I am a man - a real man
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puh, this was a hard one, any corrections are welcome!

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