Najoua Belyzel - Ma sainte nitouche (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

My Goody-Two-Shoes

My goody-two-shoes
You cause people harm
Puckering up your mouth
Yours lips till they bleed
See how they taste you
When you stick your breasts out
My goody-two-shoes
I had told you, though
She who you touch up
I liked her better before
You resemble them all
Those we stare at as we pass
My goody-two-shoes
My goody-two-shoes
My heart is off-beat
Sometimes I have doubts
Could you be a woman-child
Quietly drifting?
Don't wear that innocent look
My goody-two-shoes
My goody-two-shoes
You dreamed your lovers
In your bed
Immaculately white
My goody-two-shoes
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Ma sainte nitouche

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