Makanak Khaly (مكانك خالي) (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Mohammed Assaf (محمد عساف)
  • Lied: Makanak Khaly (مكانك خالي) 4 Übersetzungen
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Your place is empty

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True. I’m not dead because we’re separated
But I don’t feel alright
You’re my people, my universe and family
If you go away, I will have nothing
Your place is very empty
What can bring the days back?
Separation kills
When the night comes, my tears flow
I can laugh without you
but I’m only acting
I go silent
I don’t want to keep laughing
Because I love you
I swear to God, I love you
You go away from me, and I have nothing (x2)
About me what can I say more
It’s never good when you are away
I’m sad
Without you, my love
Being away from me broke my heart
I don’t know what it did to me (x2)
I can’t rest easy
Unless you’re with me
Come back
I can’t take it any longer
I need you, my love
This is unbearable
My life without you
Tell me
How can you live without me?
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Makanak Khaly (مكانك خالي)

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