Makanak Khaly (مكانك خالي) (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Your Place is Empty

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That's true that I won't die in your absence
But I have forgotten my tranquility
You are my folk, my world and my family
If you leave, what will remain for me
Even if I imagine you're with me
Still your place is empty
How to get days back
Cause seperation kills
Whenever the night comes,
My tears fall down
Whenever I laugh without you
I just pretend to do so
So let it be concealed
I don't want to continue (complaining)
Cause I love you
I swear I love you
If you leave me
What'll remain for me
What could I complain to you about me
Without you, I don't feel that I am me
Now I'm leading a sad life
Without you, I have no other
Your awayness has broken my heart
I don't know what it's done to me
I can't feel comfort unless,
You're beside me
Come back cause I'm bored
I'm in dire need of you
It is unbearable,
My life without you
Just explain to me
How you live without me
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Makanak Khaly (مكانك خالي)

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