Toše Proeski - Malechka (Малечка) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Little One

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I don't know neither your Address nor your Number,
Where are You?
I'm still Yours, where are You?
Love eats me, My Little One,
Here forgotten,
left (by You), rejected,
I live from Memories.
With Our Hearts Full (with a Feel of Happiness/Well-Βeing)
and the Morning Rings
with a Lovely Sounds for Each Other*,
and Every Day was beginning/starting like a Celebration.
Kisses, Embraces/Hugs, Smiling Eyes,
Do You Remember what we had
Too much Happiness to last (forever).
I'm Something passable and spendable for you,
I'm a Tenant in Your Heart, I'm at the end of Your Mind.
Love burns me, My Little One,
I admit guilty,
hurt / heartbroken, defeated
I live from Memories.
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*Lovely Sounds, lovely Words for each other


Malechka (Малечка)