Toše Proeski - Malechka (Малечка) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Little One

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I don't know the address, nor the number, where you are
and I am still yours, where are you
Love is biting me, little one
thus forgotten
disconnected, throwned away
I am living from the memories
The hearts are fulfilled and the morning is chiming
with a love sound, one for another
and like a feast everyday used to start (for us)
(With) Kisses, hugs, smiling eyes
do you remember everything that we've had
(it was) too much happiness, so it can last (for us)
Transience and depleted I am for you
boarder in your heart, at the end of your thoughts
love is burning me, little one
I admit, I am guilty
hurt, conquered
I am living from the memories
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Malechka (Малечка)