Fler - Mama is nich stolz auf mich (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Mother is not proud of me

Part 1:
What is family
I don't know that, a sweet home
I don't know that
Now I'm 28 and I see that people change
I'm tired of waiting
The train's gone
Now I don't need a mother any more
What have you done to me
You have a heart made of stone
I have a heart made of stone
The sentence "I love you"
You never meant it
I know the day will come
When you'll be alone
Then you will know how it is
When you're sitting alone in the mud (shit)
Then your business is gone
Then you're old and weak
And I will succeed
Have my own wife
Will de there for my children
I will never leave them alone
Because I know how it feels
I'm no more your son
You don't deserve me
I will now behave
Like if you don't exist any more
Tell me how could you
I can't forgive you
All the time on my own (alone)
The psychiatric your ennemy
I feel burnt out and empty
No I can't take it any more
What ever I do it isn't enough for you
Then you didn't want me
And even today you don't want me
I have success why can't you enjoy it
I saw the kids playing
With their parents in the parc
I run alone my world was in the ass
All the years have passed by
And it is even today like then
I absolutely sure you aren't proud of your son
Mother isn't proud of me
Part 2:
I hurt you but it wasn't intentionaly
I was a kid but it still follows me
Because you were my mother I loved you blindly
But you didn't know how to educate a kid
I didn't forgive you I often tried to (forgive you)
Wanted to write you but the pain didn't allow it yet
Pray to god that one day you shout for peace
It tears me appart when I see you crying again
I was to often alone I got used to it
Because of you I got mad, thank you
When are you finally phoning me I don't give up the hope
I'm writing you this letter because I have to release the pressure out of my head
It let's you cold you never read it
I'm sorry I can't talk about love any more
I see the stars flying I'm leaving you
I would like to love you but I can't succeed (make it)
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Mama is nich stolz auf mich

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