Mohamed AlShehhi - Mamnou (ممنوع) (Englisch Übersetzung)


Mamnou (ممنوع)

ممنوع في قلبي الوقوف
ياللي على قلبي تطوف
عفت المحبة من زمان
خلّ القصص فوق الرفوف
لا تقلّب أوراق الجروح
بحكيها لك وبكل وضوح
أنا ندمت وأنا اكتفيت
يكفيني هم، يكفيني نوح
فضّل على وصلي جديده
لا والذي نفسي بإيده
يحرم عليه يرجع في قربي
"من باعنا "فرصة سعيدة
وش علّم ايديني الكتابة؟
غير القهر زائد غيابه!
كنت أحسبه واقع حياتي
لكني كنت أتبع سرابه
شلته بكتفي للسما
يوم ارتفع قلبه انعمى
ذكرته يوم انه نسى
رجعته بايدي للظما
أول خطا يعني فراق
يعني وداع، يعني اشتياق
طبعي أنا جداً صريح
وش لي أنا بدرب النفاق!
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It's prohibited to stop by in my heart
You who spins around my heart 1
I've been hating "love" for a long time now
I'll leave my love stories on the shelves 2
Don't let me flip the pages of painful times now 3
I'll say it to you frankly
"I regret it, I've had enough"
"I'm done with sorrow, I'm done with tears"
She has a new lover now! whom she favours
I swear to God
She will never ever be allowed to be close to me anymore
We tell the one who sells us out "It was nice meeting you, bye"
What do you think brought me into writing? 4
It's the overpower and her absence
I thought she is my present and my future
I turned out to be wrong, I was just following a shadow
I let her up on my shoulders I made her touch the sky
But when she was up already, she forgot who left her up
I made sure she remembers again
That I myself, as I made her touch the sky 5, I made her thirsty again 6
In my dictionary: The first mistake you make in a relationship makes the end of that relationship .. mistake = separation
Mistake = goodbyes, mistake = longing 7
That's just me, I'm so frank!
I can't do games playing 8
  • 1. Aiming to seduce me
  • 2. No need to mention them for you now.
  • 3. Don't ask me to re-tell my stories to you and re-feel their pain again
  • 4. What made start writing such poems
  • 5. Metaphor for being "Over the moon" for making her content and happy.
  • 6. I took all that from her and made her thirsty for love again
  • 7. You will miss me.
  • 8. I can't stand love plays, I can't stand lies.
“Whatever troubles that soul is reflected, magically, in the poetry. Reading Arabic poetry, therfore, is not an idle excercise. It is a trip inside the Arab soul.”
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