Manchmal (Englisch Übersetzung)

Es wurde um Korrekturlesen gebeten.
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Sometimes we are tired
Sometimes we are blind
Are scared and stupid
because we are so lost
Hey, that's how they want us
and that's how they need us
Everyone buried inside himself
there's just barely enough to die.
We're shouting and marching
are compliant and obeying
thereby fetching the prey
like dogs, on all fours
We are to be dictated
want to establish ourselves
and to arrest the ones
who write on the walls
That means to function
to freeze while making love
harrassing the wife
and to compensate quickly
attacking the friend
to number oneself.
And the ones candidating
and the ones residing
operating with us
the ones commanding us
in the exercise for war
in the scalping of other people
and in occupying
in liquidating enemies
in wiping out countries
and also in dying a wretched death,
they can congratulate themselves.
Yet we were born
without boots and spurs
as humans, not as apes
nude, without weapons
unprotected and open
to learn and to hope
to make poetry and to rhapsodize
and to warm others
To cry and to laugh
and to sleep and to wake
To dream and to fly
and to have children
With love and sorrows
for nights and mornings
To knit and to sew
to harvest and to sow
to eat and to drink
to sink into wishes
to talk and to quarrel
and to spread curiosity
To celebrate and to mourn
to tremble with longing
To act and to want
to play and to frolic
To tear the fear
to smash the cold
into thousands of shards
not to die lonely
and to make peace
and never to shoot again
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Der/Die Ersteller/in der Übersetzung bittet um Korrekturlesen.
Das heißt, dass er/sie erfreut darüber wäre, Korrekturen/Vorschläge in Bezug auf die Übersetzung zu erhalten.
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