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Maria durch ein Dornwald ging (Englisch Übersetzung)


Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

Maria durch ein Dornwald ging,
Kyrie eleison.
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging,
der hat in sieben Jahrn kein Laub getragen.
Jesus und Maria.
Was trug Maria unter ihrem Herzen?
Kyrie eleison.
Ein kleines Kindlein ohne Schmerzen,
das trug Maria unter ihrem Herzen.
Jesus und Maria.
Da haben die Dornen Rosen getragen,
Kyrie eleison.
Als das Kindlein durch den Wald getragen,
da haben die Dornen Rosen getragen.
Jesus und Maria.
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Mary Wandered Through a Wood of Thorns

Mary wandered1 through a wood of thorns2,
Lord, have mercy. 3
Mary wandered through a wood of thorns,
Which was leafless for seven years.
Jesus and Mary.
Who4 did Mary bear5 beneath her bosom?6
Lord, have mercy.
A little babe without pain,
Whom Mary bore beneath her bosom.
Jesus and Mary.
The thorns had roses there,
Lord, have mercy.
As the babe was carried through the woods,
There were roses with thorns on them.
Jesus and Mary.
  • 1. lit. walked
  • 2. alt. forest
  • 3. "Kyrie eleison" is derived from Greek meaning: Have pity on me, O Lord.
  • 4. lit. what
  • 5. lit. carry
  • 6. lit. heart
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thrunsthruns    Di, 01/12/2015 - 08:03

What nonsense these words are (in the original German, I mean).
They might just as well say that Jesus and Mary went for rides on their bikes.
Imbecile religion.
Nice tune, however.

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