El Barrio - Mi amor (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

My Love

I’m your Prince Charming
I wear shoes of all different styles.
In case I taste you and some boy leaves you,
I kiss you much harder and wager that this does not fail.
We will leave on tiptoe to some
Pub in Never Land
And we will tell Tinker Bell
To call a spade a spade and to call Peter…
Peter Pan.*
And all night long I will show you my love,
On unpolluted grasslands.
I will be a Greek god in embrace,
Rather than a distant planet.**
And we will construct ourselves a charm
Against hatred and anger
And tell Geppetto
That it fabricates lies
In order to distract ourselves from time
In order to remove of my scuff marks
So that I make some ointment
And just incase midnight strikes.
My love, they told me that you, sweetie,
Arose from restless sleep
That they are plotting to taking the children.
My love, let’s make up, my darling,
And we will ask the night
To fight against the days.
We will buy a forest
In order to make love without worrying about taxes
Or werewolves.
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* The lines “que al vino vino y al Peter…/ Y al Peter Pan” refer to an idiomatic expression in Spanish--“al pan, pan al vino, vino.” This phrase literally translates to “one must call bread, bread and wine, wine” or, simply, to “to call a spade.”

** This is a play on words, originating from the fact that the “planet” Pluto was originally named after the Greek god, Plutonus: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/miami/313562-pluto-era-un-hijo-de-pluta.html

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