missing link

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missing link (Englisch) — 1. fig. a hairy or primitive looking man, ex. Wow there's the missing link!
2. fig. something missing to complete a series, ex. I'm searching for the missing link in my Spiderman collection
3. fig. something missing to complete a puzzle/mystery, ex. There's a missing link in his story
4. lit. The unknown species that completes the human evolution from apes

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Übersetzungen von "missing link"

DeutschFehlendes Glied
Griechischχαμένος κρίκος
ItalienischAnello mancante
Türkischeksik parça

"missing link" in lyrics

Stop your staring at my— Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint
I am not your missing link
Let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint

Victorious (OST) - Take a Hint

But there's noone there
Who can stop me falling
'Cos your love
Is like the missing link

Oh baby I miss you

Chris Norman - Baby I miss you

I be in a cloud, cloud number 9
And I just fucked a clock and let it cum in time
It’s a cold world, I put on a mink
There’s a chain of commands, I’m the missing link

[Chorus - Lil Wayne]

Lil Wayne - God bless Amerika

She's a rebel
Missing link on the brink
Of destruction

Green Day - She's a rebel

When chandeliers light up the engine room
Can you feel the drops as it starts to rain
There's an underwater Ferris wheel
Where I found the missing link
To this island chain

Owl City - Umbrella beach


So tell me what you think, do you think I'll sink?
Number one scapegoat, I'm the missing link
All I know I've been hypnotised
I'm waiting for a sign, help me realign

Simple Minds - Hypnotised

Your the very ape of all divine

My soul is on fire
I'm the missing link in your disguise
I'm the willing screen for all your lies
I'm the mask that cannot hide your eyes

Lucky Jim - My soul is on fire

You may never step foot on the moon
but you're already someone

You may never find the missing link
You may not ever paint a work of art
But you will find fate where they say it is

Lucy Spraggan - Someone

Memory, ecstasy, tyranny, hypocrisy
Betrayed by a kiss on a cool night of bliss
In the valley of the missing link
And you have no time to think

Bob Dylan - No time to think

I miss your face I'm getting desperate
I'm little mrs. missing you
My eyes have never been so blue
I want you to come home your the missing link
Our hearts are gunna beat in perfect sync

Paris Hilton - Crave

You wish I wasn't here
You're scared because I think
You wish I wasn't here
Cuz I'm your missing link

Since when were you our Lord?

Seether - Beer



NOVELS - Missing Link (ミッシングリンク)

The torn page was taken away from me,
because I can’t recall where I dropped it.
On it, and I’m sure of that,
was a chapter called dream.

“Who took it? It’s because you didn’t take care of it.”

NOVELS - Missing Link

Ang nawawalang pahina ay kinuha mula sa 'kin
Dahil di ko alam kung saan ko ito nawala
Sa Isang bagay lang ako nasisigurado
Na ito ang kabanatang tinatawag na pangarap

Sino ang kumuha ng pahinang iyon, Dahil di mo ito iningatan

NOVELS - Missing Link

(Jazz Guitar Solo)

You're the light of my life
You're my missing link
You're perfection itself, and we're so in sync
So please be mine cause I will guarantee on the dotted line

Cloud Nineteen - The One For Me

yabureta PAGE wa ubawaretanda yo
dokoka de otoshita oboe wa nai kara
iwakan mo nai hodo kirei ni nai soko ni wa
yume to iu nano shou ga tashikani atta

“dare ni ubawareta no? daiji ni shinai kara“

NOVELS - Missing Link (ミッシングリンク)

I'm the missing link
I fly B-52
I am a three-chord whore
I'm a heathen come save my soul

I'm from Venus and Mars

Imperiet - War with myself

not a chance in the universe
you'll fail or loose
cause he's mine always mine
my found missing link
now you see why I am

Liv Kristine - Skintight

Step aside
Impossible for those who can't resist
The missing link
For lack of honesty
Among herself

Heavenwood - Suicidal letters

How do I break?
When every beat is sounding out of sync
How do I, how do I change?
When feeling happy is the missing link

Take my tears and dry them,

Måns Zelmerlöw - Beautiful Life

I don't know what to think
I've looked every place
Where is the missing link?
That was behind my face?
There's only one thing to do

The Cramps - Can't Find My Mind

The gram smoker, no standing soldier, crush them bodies like boulders
My anguished rhymes creating a lab like Frankenstein
I think it's time to grab a knife and check your spine
The missing link that thinks faster than you blink
Laughing at you sick and quick sand's where you're on the brink
Discreet means leave you in the trunk bleeding

Řezník - Creature of the Night

Proven only by a science
undecided for us
in a world that we all lack
Even though there are demons
in the shadows
I have no intention of turning back

Machinae Supremacy - Missing Link

With added vitamins in the drugstores
Drugs for the real devils[fn]based on the expression "avoir le diable au corps" (to have the devil inside one's body)[/fn]
Drugs for the Western World
Drugs for the missing link

Drugs for nights to be sweet

Damien Saez - Drugs

Shuffle uneasy. The whistler plays.
Counting eleven, they begin to pray.

Tenuous but clinging, the missing link
Joins us, closer than we might think.
Some half remembered coarse jungle drum

Ian Anderson - A Raft Of Penguins

Lezarman controls hormones, controls weapons, and controls human souls
Controls clear asses, and controls pubescent vaginas
Lezarman: boss of the cult, crushes you, and like an insect
And no one can make more money, it is he who has created the rules, the missing link in his test tube
No amulet, he creates magic, he creates the Matrix
He who manages the graphics, he who manages the posters, and he who manages the Manixes

Vald - Lezarman

Your toothbrush is where you left it
It sits right by my sink
Ever so often I grind my teeth
Abstain, deep-six this missing link

Sleepless nights

Dillon - Gumache

At night I think
What was the missing link
The more I ponder
It just gets harder

Ansel Elgort - All I Think About Is You

When was the Big Bang?
Where are we before borning?
Where is the missing link?
Where do we go after dying?
What are the black holes?

Siniestro Total - Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go?

Without your embrace
I had no clue
About the emptiness you fill
My missing link

In a world full of fear,

Pocahontas (OST) - If I Had Never Met You [If I Never Knew You]

You’re growing, let us show you how.

Monolithic forms arrive from far across the sky
Searching for that missing link to propagate new life
Seeing the potential in this primitive frame
They shaped the mold, began to sculpt his DNA.

Helion Prime - Moon-Watcher

I met a guy, who drives a truck
He can't tell time but he sure can drive
I asked his name and he had to think
Could I have found the missing link
He's so stupid you know what he said
Well I forgot what he said, 'cause it was so stupid

Julie Brown - I like 'em big and stupid