Morristown (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


One usually never knows when he is coming,
one never knows when he will kill.
The old ones who have seen it some times
they say that he comes when he wants to.
And so one evening he is there,
on the streets of Morristown.
He comes late at night in the pub
which lies in the poor neighborhood.
He always sits at the round table
where no ones else sits.
Then he asks what has happened
recently in Morristown.
He listens and he nods and he plays
with the skull ring on one of his hands.
So he bends carefully and strokes
along the back on his gigantic wolf.
So they go out and are swallowed up
by the fog in Morristown.
And the rumor flies through the city
that the man and his wolf have come there.
One knows before the night meets the day
that someone has been changed into a corpse.
For it is how it usually goes
when he comes in to Morristown.
When the sun's first rays break the night
the police get their directives.
A tortured body is floating in the water,
a murderer has paid with his life.
One bed stands empty at the city's hotel
in the dawn in Morristown.
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Björn Afzelius wrote the following in his 95 Sånger (95 Songs) book about his song "Morristown;"

En hybrid av två av mina favoriter: Seriefiguren Fantomen och sången "Fever" med Elvis Presley.
(A hybrid of two of my favorites: The comic figure Phantom and the song "Fever" with Elvis Presley.

Björn Afzelius: Top 3
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