Moscas en la casa (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Flies in the House

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My days without you are so dark,
So long, so dull,
My days without you.
My days without you are such nonsense,
So sour, so difficult,
My days without you.
My days without you don't have nights -
If one appears, its pointless to sleep.
My days without you are a waste;
The hours don't have beginnings nor endings.
So short of air,
So full of nothing.
Useless junk,
Trash on the floor,
Flies in the house.
My days without you are like the sky
Without silver moons
Nor traces of the sun.
My days without you are only an echo
That always repeats
The same songs.
So short of air,
So full of nothing.
Useless junk,
Trash on the floor,
Flies in the house.
Kicking stones around,
I keep on hoping you will return to me.
I keep on searching the faces of old men
For pieces of their youth,
Hunting for motives that had me believing
I could get on with life.
Biting my nails,
Drowning in tears,
Missing you so much.
My days without you -
How painful are my days without you.
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enjoy xxo

  • 1. agrios has been translated to "bitter" ... but i understand it to be sour. like you would say a lemon is "agrio".
  • 2. derroche is a beautiful way to explain the days without a lover. it literally means waste, but its a superfluous waste. she's saying the days are much longer than they need to be, in effect, which compliments the next line about the hours having no beginning nor ending.
  • 3. in the bridge, i have moved away from an exact translation to express the thought in a more "english way", one might say. literally she is saying "still i continue to wait/hope..."
  • 4. esperando can be waiting or hoping [how connected these two are, especially in this one word]. it was difficult to decide which to go with [i almost chose "hopefully waiting", or "anticipating"] but i feel like "hope" gives a more tragic feel to go along with the song, moreso than waiting.
  • 5. whereas i have translated "pateando las piedras" literally, i was tempted to translate it to "walking around aimlessly". i can't begin to explain why, but this is how it translates in my head - the true meaning of the expression when i think of it in english.
  • 6. also, where i have translated it as "... return to me" i want to point out the exact translation is "return with me". contrast this to her song 'lo imprescindible' where she says "vuelvas a mi" - "return to me". there is a subtle difference in significance, but in english its too much of a difference.
  • 7. the next line [or two] about searching the faces for old men... i see it mistranslated a lot. the exact translation is "still i continue searching the faces of old men for pieces of boy", so again i have translated it in a way so an english speaker may fully understand what she is saying.
  • 8. and finally, "que aún me encuentro con vida" was difficult for me to translate. its literally "that i still find myself with life" [or energy, or vitality, really] but i've translated it just so.

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