ムーミン谷に春がきた (Mumin tani ni haru ga kita) (Englisch Übersetzung)


春の風にのって どこまでもゆきたいな
緑 萌える森の中くぐりぬけ
道に咲いてた花 そっと摘んでみようか
レースのリボンで結び ブーケを作ろうよ
春は鳥の歌に 心を踊らせて
青くぬける空に 白い雲が浮かぶよ
雲は夢を乗せてゆく 大きな船さ
大きくなっても忘れないで 春の一番すてきな日を
★春は風をつれて 風は花をさそって
いつも君といれば どこへでもゆけるのさ
だれも友達になれる 春はすてきさ ランラン
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Spring came to Moomin Valley

I want to go anywhere, riding the spring breeze.
Passing through the forest bursting with green
Shall we gently pluck the blooming flowers along the road?
Let’s make a bouquet tied with a lace ribbon
In spring, the bird’s song makes my heart dance
If we come together and hold hands, everyone will be friends
In the clear blue skies, the white clouds float
The clouds are large boats that carry dreams
Even when you become older, don’t forget to cherish the most wonderful spring days
★Spring brings the wind, the wind invites the flowers,
the flowers are singing together with the birds
If you are always with me, we can go anywhere
Spring is wonderful, anyone can become a friend lala
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