Aki Sirkesalo - Mysteeri (Mysteriet) (Englisch Übersetzung)

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You're talking me dizzy,
and you're taking care of
that I listen silently,
as your lips keep on going
I guess you're flying somewhere (your mind)
beyond the milky way
to the front of the infinity
your tought wanders
I'm thinking about
your unbelievable lovely eyes
and your beautiful hands
your perfect face too
And what they do to me
when they meet mine
Like a butterfly having the freedom
from it's dull cocoon
I'm thinking the mystery in you
and above everything all
that you love me.
I'm thinking the mystery in you...
Your eagerness is great when you go on
about the god and religions
you're not stopping even
when you take a sip of wine
I get dizzy when you bring me
into your reflections
I think is pleases you to see me
in clumsily positions
But I'm just thinking
the shape of you body
and how your breasts waver
when you come beside me
And how your hands making a map
from my uncharted island
they're building a home
where my heart is
I'm thinking the mystery in you...
You're the wine that makes me drunk
you can do anything, i'm all yours
i desire you, i want you
I'm thinking the mystery in you...
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Mysteeri (Mysteriet)

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