Negative (Finland) - In Memoriam (Immortal Peace)


In Memoriam (Immortal Peace)

Like seasons change their face,
Rain like the tears
Winds got your voice
Whispering my name
Landing shadows come around
Telling me the same old story
With certain sound
I’m stuck in a place
Prisoner of this room
Painful memories of me and you
I take colors of longing
And paint you on my wall
Is it too much to ask
For some golden peace
That’s what I expect from you at least
It’s simple and understood
There’s no way out
I wish that I would be dead
Dead like you and I
Falling like a butterfly
After one lived day
Hope you will find your peace
Immortal, eternal and real
I know I cannot be dead yet
Just can’t live it again
Too much never enough
We’re stuck in time
Till death leads us away
In a moment that I’m scared of the most
You’re sleeping away
Soon you’ll be lost
Every breath that you take
You’ll be closer to where you belong
I never thought this could be so hard and rough
After all we’ve been through
Can’t get enough of this sweetest trip
You once gave me as a gift
I hope you’re waiting for me somewhere out there
In a place where we can hold each other again
You went first, I’ll come right after you
I’m depressed, I don’t care
I miss you, I hope you can hear me
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