نمی‌دونی (Nemidouni) (Englisch Übersetzung)


از عاشقی دوری اگر نکن بازیگری
از فکر بردن دلم ای کاش که بگذری
تازه رسیده ام به این آرامشی که دارم
برپا نکن در دل من آشوب دیگری
همدل اگر که نیستی نشکن دل مرا
مرهم اگر نمیشوی زخم نزن دل مرا
نمی دونی نمیدونی
تو که حال منو نمیدونی
نمی مونی نمیمونی
عاشق میشی اما نمی مونی
درد دل مرا اگر فریاد نمی شوی
راه نجات من از این بیداد نمی شوی
عاشق شدن تنها فقط دل باختن که نیست
با شیرین شیرین گفتنت فرهاد نمی شوی
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You don't know

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if You're away from love , don't act
i wish you give up on trying to take away my heart
I've just reached to this peace that I have
don't make another commotion in my heart
if you're not a lover , don't break my heart
if you're not going to be a remedy , don't wound my heart
You don't know,you don't know
You don't know how i feel
You won't stay,you won't stay
You fall in love but you won't stay
If you're not going to be a scream for my screed
You won't be my way out through this oppression
Falling in love isn't just giving your heart
You won't be Farhad just by telling Shirin , Shirin *
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* " Shirin and Farhaad " is a romantic and historical story written by Nezaami Ganjavi(12th a.c)

Also Shirin means Sweet , so it means that love is not just about saying sweet words, you have to prove it

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