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"Nie mam pojęcia" (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Łona i Webber (Łona i Webber)
  • Lied: "Nie mam pojęcia"
Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

I Have No Idea

I haven't seen you in any place for a while,
and I remember, when you were saying, that it would be impossible to pick something wrong.
We stood on a hot night under a fucked up palm tree and I saw it in black
but I was on it. And I was taking two. For your responsibility.
And you, I remember, how (not without reason from elsewhere)
first you were letting go of your ears despite the drunken gibberish flowing from his mouth.
And that he had quite a swift flow through a few houses,
it is really the one who would not be seduced by such a dictum in vain to look for with a flashlight.
And you again, formerly valued for an excess of fantasy,
suddenly bought a station wagon. A fucking station wagon? What do you need such a boot for?
You haven't been drinking lately, although the calendar of events has piled up,
he drank, so you drove him straight to your m3 in that station wagon.
I didn't understand the causes of these strange matters,
until I woke up at dawn lying under the table, on the picturesque umbilical.
For this unspeakable happiness of yours has come into the world;
Your... Your... Exactly; this is my whole problem
I don't know its name x 2
The baby boom has gone so far
that when there's a crowd, I don't know which one is yours
I don't know its name x 2
And this role hurts me a little
that I can pet it, but I can't call it
I don't know its name x 2
The baby boom has gone so far
that when there's a crowd, I don't know which one is yours
I don't know its name x 2
a cute toddler indeed,
but to put a name to him, I don't see any chances.
I fight, to not be so behind:
Tola, Maja, Marianka, Lila, Filip, Adam, Jaś, Franek, Bazyli, Alik, Hubert, Mikołaj, Zbylut
I remember that much - I try to get around the rest,
content with compliments like: oh, how beautifully your... child... is growing.
and I'm pushing forward into this bluff, though I know I shouldn't push it;
never mind the name - let me at least know the gender.
And this moment, when the child, this smart child, looks at you this way,
like it wants to make sure that you see that it knows, that you don't know.
And they would like to express it a little more forcefully,
but they don't say much right now, so chances are they might not be overwhelmed.
It hurts. Less in quality, but this amount of pain,
because of this memory of names, which has weakened me so much since your kid has grown.
Spring came to the world, autumn has just passed,
and I still cannot remember the name of this fruit of your rapture.
I quietly count that the problem will disappear
and I'll learn all the names of these children, when it's time for me to call my own.
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"Nie mam pojęcia"

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