No sweat

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Ce n’est pas la mer à boire

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Often used as an exclamation to convey that someone perceives something is easy, with no, little difficulty or a great problem or issue. "You didn't study for the test." " No sweat! I crammed (studied hard) last night."
The literal sense would be to engage in a task that causes little or no perspiration. Severe dehydration would also cause no sweating to take place.

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без усилий; без труда; запросто

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„No sweat“ in Songtexten

Okean Elzy - War that’s not yours

It was so good there in the past,
Where there was no sweat and no tears.
But there was no purpose in that,

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Hymn to Liberty

141. Hear, my lads, 'tis like fete making
any war for you, no sweat,
and your knees are never shaking

Gabbie Hanna - Roast Yourself (Harder)

Oh, uh, oh, oh, no, my views are low
Looks like my hair has got to go again
But, hey, no sweat, no biggie
As long as you pay attention to me

İlkay Şencan - No Sweat

You know my loving is no sweat

It's no sweat

Okean Elzy - The War Which Is Not Yours

It used to be so nice before.
There were no sweat and tears.
However there was no goal out of the whole thing -

PNL - Oh lala

I'm in the shit, in a dead end
Oh yeah, your pussy, you shut up, you shut up
Life is hard, no sweat I'm hard, I cut coco
We have to do rounds, a ice heart

Various Artists - She's Coming

Too long from the lime light
Move aside that’s my spotlight
No sweat No gain
Not here for kid’s play

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

You talk about the Hammer when you're talking 'bout a show
That's hyped and tight
Singers are sweatin' so pass them a wipe
Or a tape to learn

Nephew - Travelling Companions

(come come come along)
Now we're on the road again as if we were hitchhiking
No sweat in the palm of my hand
I'll never throw in my towel

The Notorious B.I.G. - Everyday Struggle

in the veins; hard to explain, how I maintain
The crack smoke make my brain feel so strange
Breakin days on the set, no sweat
Drunk off Moet, can't bag yet because it's still wet

Okean Elzy - Not your war

It was good there once.
There, where there are no sweat, nor tears.
Just there were no sense in that-

Krankšvester - Retarded

No lung cancer cause no one smokes cigars
No one sick, there are no hospitals
No tears, no sweat cause there's no hard stool
There are no toalets either cause everyone poops flowers

Okean Elzy - Ne tvoya viyna (Не твоя вiйна)

It was so good there once.
Where there were no sweat, and no tears.
Only there was no use in that,

Culcha Candela - Icecold

Drinks on ice, we start on the hard side
The DJ creates the beat, the bass beats
No sweat, crushed ice drops from the ceiling
There are no chilblains, fun is guaranteed

Hamilton (musical) - Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

How you say, no sweat
We're finally on the field. We’ve had quite a run

100s - Life Of A Mack

'N all the chicken-head bitches want to braid my hair
Straight takin' that money, straight takin' that money
It's all good, no sweat off my back
Cause it's just another day in the life of a mack

Alcione - My ebony

I can't go soft on you
If not, you'll catch me,
You'll take over me with no sweat [2] and that's it
You'll capture my heart ...

Renan Luce - One more bit of mischief won't make any difference

The flaking paint

Our poetry, that was no sweat
And we didn't need any crows or foxes

Stromae - Your party

[Couplet 1]
Time's up, time to stop dancing.
Dance on, no sweat -- they'll get you dancing.
Swing on, they'll get you swinging.

Bart Baker - Anaconda Parody

Where I lift these tiny weights to work out my fake muscles
I pump real hard but there's no sweat on my complexion
Cause I numb all my sweat glands with these Botox injections
Then I slam my crotch. Into the floor rap about sex non-stop