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virtual diva

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she's that dream
that I had while awake
a slight memory
of this thing I feel
a shock
to my outcomes [but I think it refers to "salidas" as in my "go out(s)"]
the top of a kiss on a suicidal jump
her energy source
captivates my sensors
for there's nothing that controls her
when she dances all turned on/dances on fire
she's got that spark inside of her
thats burns transistors
she lives off an elipsis
that turns on her engines
Salio a la disco bailar
Una diva virtual
check out how she moves
check out, she robbed you with her tactic
drowned me with the battery, her technique
her model lives with a plastic waist
with the movements of the bionic woman
she's on fire!
with her blood turned on high
today she doens't wanna see daylight
she didn't bring no "bruju", tonite she's on fire! [could be "brujula" in that case, translation is "compass"]
I'm a hit man
I'm her man warming up
while her frecuence is feeling (all over)
her corporal fluid is exporting
robotic on the floor, she's showing off
Salio a la disco bailar
Me ahogo con la bateria, su tecnica
Con lo movimiento de la mujer bionica (2X)
Que tube despierto
De esto que siento
Ami salidas
Su fuente de energia
Pues no hay que la controle
que quema transistores
Que ensiende sus motores
Salio a la disco bailar
simple, we're working over their expectations
thats what it's all about
a couple light years ahead of you all, I'll always live there
don't look at my galaxy
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Virtual Diva

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