Nul n'est parfait [Fixer Upper] (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

No One Is Perfect (Fixer Upper)

What's the problem my angel?
Why are you refusing the advances of such a handsome boy?
Is it because of the funny way he walks?
Or the bad temper that he has?
Several trolls:
Or those funny pears he uses as his feet?
To wash he waits for rain,
He has an odour of his own.
But we don't know anyone so tender...
Bulda and Cliff:
... And attentive!
Maybe he's a little bit less than perfect
He is a little less refined.
Several trolls:
His brain is upside down...
His passion for stags...
It's true that he appears a little disturbed!
That's not true, enough already!
Many trolls:
Maybe he's a little bit less than perfect
But we're sure that one day
He could become almost perfect
All he needs is a little love!
Please, could we just change the subject?
We're here because we have a real
Obviously, so tell me my treasure...
Is it because he's a big scaredy-cat?
Many trolls:
That of friends, he has but few?
Or that he likes to go pee-pee in the grass at the end of the woods?
I'm not supposed to know that
Don't tell me you find him ugly
He's a charming blond child
Many trolls:
His humility hides the soul and the kindness of a King
All the trolls:
Maybe he's a little bit less than perfect
Yet the lice and fleas like him a lot
That funny attitude, it's loneliness
He's not used to big hugs!
Maybe he's a little bit less than perfect
However we know why
All you need to do is take the first step
Come on, we'll count to three
Stop! That's enough! She already has someone, that young
girl is engaged!
Maybe she's a little bit less than perfect
Many trolls:
All that is very vague
She is only engaged
All that can be fixed
Yes, especially since she doesn't have a ring!
She's a little bit less than perfect
She is completely turned around
We'll get rid of the fiancé
And all will be resolved!
Don't try to change him
In this world nothing is perfect
But love is a powerful feeling
Which remains full of secrets
We all make bad choices
When we're sad, or when we're frightened
Let's give others a little bit of love
Many trolls:
Let's give others a little bit of love!
That'll make them better!
All the trolls:
Yes, Love makes things better!
Yes, we're all a little bit less than perfect!
Otherwise it wouldn't be funny!
The father! The sister! The brother!
We all need one another
Each one has his role
It's true we're all a little bit less than perfect
But as we must be brief...
What makes a little less than perfect people almost
perfect is...
All the trolls:
Love! Love!
Love, It's love!
Love! Love!
The troll Priest:
Do you Anna take Kristoff as your husband,
for better and for worse?
What are you doing?
The troll Priest:
I'm marrying you
All the trolls:
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Nul n'est parfait [Fixer Upper]