Đorđe Balašević - Ognjena (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


Young moon has reeled the city,
The breeze of darkness has spilt easily.
First flowers have started growing
In the gardens.
Tonight add some grit to your high heels
And play it cool, completely cool.
Pay attention to the bass,
The savour is in the rhythm,
And when you find your own groove,
You'll stay dry even in the rain.
Make every step with this same passion
And you'll step over the sea in that pilgrimage
If you stay cool, completely cool.
Everything has a bit of its own,
Fire and ice,
In a drop sorrow and honey
Can combine.
Everything has a bit of its own,
Virtue and sin,
Sadness only exist to bring out the laughter.
Little one, midnight is ticking,
And your fairy tale is still shining.
Little one, tears can sting,
But what would you do
With a glrumbler like myself
You should only play it cool.
The night is like some druid,
Mixed up fluid,
And the air is sweet like a quince.
Tonight inside you a buck is excitingly trembling,
The mischief of standing in a crossroad,
Do it cool, completely cool.
Everything has its own,
When it frosts and when it boils,
When it changes colours,
When it withers or when it blossoms.
Everything has its own, the beginning and the end,
Darkness exists to recall the brightness.
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