once in a blue moon

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Idiomatische Übersetzungen von „once in a blue moon“

Ayda, ildə bir dəfə
une fois tous les trente-six du mois
Μια φορά στο τόσο
Μια στο τόσο
ईद का चाँद होना
ad ogni morte di Papa
Раз в год по обещанию
Deutsch, Russisch #1, #2
De higos a brevas

Meanings of "once in a blue moon"


مرة بالقمر الأزرق -حدث نادر الحدوث

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very rarely / very seldom / almost never

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Refers to months which have 2 full moons, an event which does not happen very often, but parenthetically, is a predictable, non-random event. - BuenSabor vor 6 Jahre

Happening on rare occasions
बहुत दिनों बाद दिखाई देना)
कभी -कभार

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Очень редко/иногда

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Раз в сто лет - Russians simply say "Once in a hundred years."

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Çok nadiren.

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„once in a blue moon“ in Songtexten

Ceza - what else do i have

but again smile once
now smile one more time
even if once in a blue moon

Tarkan - write my name on your heart

(how quickly you forgot)

Call me even once in a blue moon
Reserve for me a little time from yours

Mabel Mercer - Once In A Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon
You will meet the right one
Once in a blue moon
Find your dear delight one

Swingrowers - Midnight

Please can you be mine one more time?
Not once in a blue moon
The rich have money

Emrah Karaduman - You re like once in a blue moon

what a grace she has, oh my God , You re gorgeous
just may she have a fault at least,there s one has and not
It's really unbalanced , You re like once in a blue moon

Bergen - Don't Sorrow For Me

Cry/Crying is up to me

From now on, I just mention your name once in a blue moon
I'll look for what I lost on you in an another

Passenger - Month of sundays

someone somewhere may do something with this light,
but smokers lungs don’t blow balloons,
except for once in a blue moon,
and i’ve looked but the moon is still white.

Bridgit Mendler - Do You Miss Me At All

So do you
Think me over
Once in a blue moon
'Cause you always rise to me

Venya Drkin - I, Once in a Blue Moon, Remember You

I, once in a blue moon,[fn]or "once in a great while"[/fn] remember you,
Like today -- a young lady in the garden
You had a black Newfoundland (dog)
And a horse in its reins

Lighthouse Family - Once In A Blue Moon

I ain't seen you, in a month of Sundays
I never knew exactly what it was I wanted
Once in a blue moon, you'd keep a promise
When it's you I don't mind such a long wait

Arabesque - Once in a Blue Moon

That you're dying to see me
(To see me)
Once a blue moon
You say: "I love only you"

Swingrowers - Medianoche

¿Podrías ser mía una vez más, por favor?
Ni en un millón de años[fn]"once in a blue moon" quiere decir "rara vez", "muy pocas veces"[/fn]
Los ricos tienen dinero

Cliff Richard - I'm being congratulated

Since that one Sunday on which I fell in love with you
I am being congratulated and applauded
Because girls like you are only there once in a blue moon

Bright Eyes - True Blue

Unless it keeps me from being true blue

Once in a blue moon
There's a blue sky

Edenbridge - Paramount

Come closer to my heartbeat
And kiss my tears away
Not once in a blue moon