With open arms

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With open arms (Englisch) — Svesrdno; drage volje; raširenih ruku.

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"With open arms" in lyrics

Let my children support her
By singing
When I'll go see my father
Who is waiting for me with open arms
While singing,
I wish that on Earth,

Michel Sardou - Singing

There is a traiter nearby you, kiss me from my neck

Wait for a while nearby me, I'm sweating near a cliff
Whether if the angel of death winks, death receives us with open arms
Up on the night at morning, I fall from upside
On top of it offended people offend from night

Çağatay Akman - Look The Relaxation of Shadows At Night

Proudly we are ..
proudly we are
the rope that binds (each other) , call it destiny or us
now we are two emotions giving peace and permission to know each other deeply , a nest to recive with open arms ,
onlythose who fear puts limits
proudly ,we are

Eros Ramazzotti - We

So now I come to you, with open arms.
Nothing to hide, believe what I say.
So here I am, with open arms.
Hoping you see, what your love means to me.

Céline Dion - Open Arms (Journey cover)

Lost in the midnight blue
Shadows of the moon
Here with open arms for you
Feeling something so new
Stay with me and reach the side

Noosa - Walk On By

Soil is recovering all the faults we have
It heals my wounds as a medicine
It is waiting me with open arms
My faithfull beloved is black soil

Âşık Veysel - Black soil/earth

Hey, Shouldn't you and I just unfold this?
Stand with open arms, stand with a smile, Stand in line
Dont hold it down, dont wrap it in
Not shieldit from the rain, snow or wind

Marie Key - Without Defense

Everything that you can’t have

You tell me if you don’t see her in your dreams
That you wouldn’t receive with open arms
If you knew how love is like
Cause it’s the only one that can change the world

Randi - Your girlfriend

but you dream of something else
and who knows if you remember
that among the moon and the stars
i wait for you with open arms

how long do i have to wait

Pink Martini - Lullaby

In a world so lost
It's like having lived 
Forever asleep
It's embracing the moment with open arms 
That's when you're truly happy 

Carla Morrison - This Moment

Sweetie, it was love, that vanishing powder that you took.
He was a bolt from the blue and you greeted the storm with open arms.
Sweetie, you were the girl in Wonderland;
I know you opened your heart rather than open your veins to him;

Diam's - In the Name of Love

I grew weary a long time ago

<strong>Mac Tyer</strong>
France welcomes people with open arms
But the people in Vitrolles quickly understood that Mégret was just a raw ❷
My heart shelters former colonies' suffering

Sniper - Fuck the system

But you won't know if you don't try
Please don't leave me asking why
So when you're ready to choose baby
I'll be here with open arms
With the same in love in my heart

JLS - Take A Chance On Me

Nothing to hide
Believe what I say
So here I am
With open arms
Hoping you'll see
What your love means to me

Journey - Open Arms

The night they found out
You ignored the king's command you laughed
On top of a hill you can touch the aurora from
You invited me with open arms

"It's pretty isn't it" you said looking at a dirty, loose bead

The Pillows - funny bunny

I was gone for so long, you do not hold that against me
You still welcome me with open arms
With open arms

I come back home

Silbermond - Back home

Just ain't what it used to be

I confronted my fears with open arms


Enrique Iglesias - Away

When I close my eyes
I hear your velvet wings and cry
I'm waiting here with open arms
Oh can't you see
Angel shine your light on me

Judas Priest - Angel

Maybe one day when she is old enough
When she can do what she wants to
She comes to me on her own and searches for me, the angel
I will always wait for you with open arms
Reserve my lofe until the end of my days
I die of pain!

Azad - One day

If you've ever thought of me,
don't take long, find me
I'll be here waiting with open arms,
and I'll do it ever so slowly.

J Balvin - For A Day

I've been gone for so long
you don't hold it against me
you still welcome me
with open arms

I'm coming home

Silbermond - Nach Haus

Your sugarloaf is a bird
Jesus himself has given up his cross
He keep vigil within you with open arms

Rio fala do amor

Lara Fabian - Rio

i wont see you one more time

received with open arms to strangers and left me

i wont see a cruel one

İsmail YK - düğünün varmış

Run until you're almost out of breath

With open arms
Don't touch the ground any longer
And your body soars

Amaral - Jump

beeing away from them
hug me tight, your father has to go
when i'll come back from the tour
wait for me with open arms
just seeing my family
my soul is appeased

La Sinfonia - AbraZaMe Muy FueRte

recorded in tapes
for those that came so late
but the heart took them
with open arms.

The Salvation of the soul

Alkistis Protopsalti - The salvation of the soul

I miss, I miss, I miss, I miss,
I blame only myself that I lost you...

With open arms, with closed eyes,
Coming towards you, knowing you'll catch me
You told me I was the air you breathe...

DJ Project - I miss us

Hold the wheel and drive

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there

Incubus - Drive

Well, I’ve made so many new friends
With open arms they let me in
They say they’ll be with me till the end
They say they’ll stay through thick and thin

Saint Motel - 1997

We all are as one</em>

I set the focus on the people
We come across each other with open arms
There is so much to learn
And to understand

Unheilig - We all are as one

That only when it hurts
When it hurts the hardest
Surrounded by dreams
With open arms
We wait for love
But we get something else

Bere Gratis - I'd want to come to you

Soil is repairing all the mistakes we have,
It heals my wounds like a medicine,
It is waiting for me with open arms,
My faithful beloved is black soil.

Tarkan - Black Soil

to get apart from them
hug me tightly, your father must leave
when I come back from this tour
wait for me with open arms
just seeing my family
brings peace to my soul

La Sinfonia - Hug me tightly

Now we are emotions of the same kind
And they surrender to understand deeply
With open arms so we can give each other a bit more
Fear is our only limitation

Eros Ramazzotti - Now We Are

heart will forever go thump thump
I only love you, the words that
filled my heart with happiness
With open arms,
you surrendered you trembling heart
The best love,

The Greatest Love OST - Pit-A-Pat / Thump Thump

And you just lose your grasp on serenity

Loyalty is sometimes like a kid
It receives weakness with open arms
Death has lesser price than the uttered words

Model - Keeping quite suits us

But we don't trust their colgate smiles anymore
They have double attitude like they had borderline
So condemn me, it doesn't matter
I welcome Armageddon with open arms

I don't care what you believe

Kapten Röd - Flowers by Oscarsleden

All my faults my love, they are hidden by the earth
It gives medicine and heals my wounds
It´s looking my way with open arms
My loyal beloved is the black soil

Belkis Akkale Izzet Altinmese - The Black Soil

I am here
No matter where you are
I'm waiting here with open arms
No matter where you are
Sometimes you have to wait until it passes by

Foster the People - Best Friend

Come again
Hey hey hey hey o ay hey hey hey o ay hey hey hey o ay

El mundo te espera con brazos abiertos (The world awaits you with open arms)
Levantate del suelo y sigue tus sueños (Get up from the floor and follow your dreams)
Y el viento te lleva a donde quieras (And the wind take you wherever you want it to)

Soluna Samay - Come again (The Quetzal)

And whatever you did, the wind cuts you
forms of Men spit frozen fire at you
With open arms you want, wish for the best
And when that dawn comes
You arrive at the gate of abyss

CMX - Kain

once more I smell the violet and taste a cherry from my basket
at last the end of the world came, I rise my glass to it
and I bicycle to the flames
They with open arms let them to come, light at last goes down (sun sets)

at last the end of the world came, the shell of the earth too generous melt

Eleanoora Rosenholm - End of the World

two sides of a river
without a bridge

You used to wait for me with open arms
you had the look of a women in love
and now...when you lie down, you turn your back to me

Zorica Kondža - Because Of You I'm Crying

Autumn, eternity

When you come back
I'll welcome you with open arms
And alone with me
Just like before

Michel Pagliaro - All Night

Why do I
Wait for you with open arms
If you take a road that never ends
Then I go deep

Ana Carolina - Elevator (Book of Oblivion)

Here we are
Right back where we began
Waiting for sweet love
With open arms

Here we are

HIM - Salt In Our Wounds

she is always on time
i miss her even when near
she is always on time
waiting with open arms

She is the country where i live in

Ahmed Barada - the moon of this country

Hey, shouldn't you and I just unfold this?
Stand with open arms, stand with a smile, put ourselves out there
Not hold it down, not wrap it up
Not shield it from the rain or snow or wind

Marie Key - Without defense

I guess
I'll be the one
With open arms
Sucka for love
Kisses too

Beyoncé - Settle 4 U

If this is the world, why must it be so?
If this is how it transpires, why must it be so?

If received with open arms, one would hold on to the hem
In her bosom my own heartbeat comes together
If there's such propinquity, why is there such separation?

Jagjit Singh - How does one explain...

From its full lips, the St. Lawrence blows its breath
Over the Plains, where the air we breathe
Is pure, fresh - and it shows
Here, we welcome winter with open arms
Bring it on: snowflakes, wintry weather, cold - we're not afraid
In ice hockey we'll play against anybody, but I'm warning you:

Loco Locass - Hymn to Quebec City

I'm the one in your strong arms
If I whisper Jonim...

You come to me at night, with open arms,
Not asking, you kiss me,
Although it's in the middle of the night, calling,

Shahzoda (Uzbekistan) - I Forgot

Open the borders, open the borders!

You come each year, summer and winter
And we, we always welcome you with open arms
You are at home here
It doesn't matter after all

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Open the borders

Stuck in the nights and the mornings
Is it possible that, from there
He sees me here
With open arms
Singing to you?

Zélia Duncan - Redeemer

the wind giving me wings
I want to go back to the sea
where happiness (luck)
will receive my with open arms again

I want to go back to the sea

Juliane Werding - Back to the Sea

Living in her self styled Hell, the Countess dressed in black
Life's so distant - death's so near - no blood to fury time back
The castle walls are closing in, she's crippled now with age
Welcomes death with open arms - the reaper turns the page
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

Necrodeath - Countess Bathory

Let it be black now
I welcome the darkness with open arms
My walls crack, in comes the cold
With regular steps, it surrounds me

Svart - Life Collapses

With open arms, head held up
You see that life continues and try to be happy
Love past, you don't leave a message
I am well by your side
You give me yourself

Luan Santana - Fly Once Again

Catharsis of the unconscious
Repulsion and horror
I proceed to the unknown
With open arms
Blazes don't graze me
Repulsion and horror

Necrodeath - 100% Hell

No, no, no, there's still
Something better for us
That waits with open arms

Only three small words

Hanna Pakarinen - Three Small Words

I said the eye of the storm is the calmest
Place on this very earth
So why am I so restless relentless and
Awaiting arrival of sorrow with open arms

Free me and everyone else around

Kellner - iSong

Also helping each other, lifting from the ground,
Not pushing down there. Understanding is a resource,
I feel it being strong, tho it presses on my shoulders.
With open arms I walk towards a unified world.
Twenty-first century, should probably sync our clocks,
And still they want to stone and lynch.

Timo Pieni Huijaus - Finnish Maiden

I am a feather lighted up by love
I can fly.

You’re running to me with open arms,
I want you to come and still, it’s like I want to stop you,
The scene keeps repeating itself, I’ve lived it in my dreams.

Mălina Olinescu - I Can Fly

Can't you see,that I want to be there with open arms?
It's empty tonight and I'm all alone,
Get me through this one.
Do you notice I'm gone?

Where do you run to so far away?

Finch - Letters to you

I'm looking forward to another day without you
The way I see it you could never do what I do
I welcomed you with open arms
You drove the knife right through my heart
So now I'm crossing out the pain that's been tearing us apart

All Time Low - The Next Best Thing

fuck *************
When it's done you'll be filthy and a criminal,
initiated to the real inner circle
The brotherhood welcomes you with open arms
This is our symbol, the pass of the aeon
Let us celebrate by singing Sicktanick songs

SickTanicK - I Am

No blood to turn time back
The castle walls are closing in
She's crippled now with age
Welcomes death with open arms
The reaper turns the page

Venom - Countess Bathory

I went with open arms
To find a love
An only friend

And this is what I have
And that you gave me

Dueto Miseria - Misery

at the heart of Latine America,
they are not many to bawl.<fn>This sentence refers to the attitude of indifference in France after the coup d'état of Pinochet</fn>
An ambassador turns up,
he's welcomed with open arms,
fascism it's the blight,
in Santiago like in Paris.

Renaud - Hexagon*

A mark that the wind on the path
Erases before it was

You can welcome me with open arms a hundred times
It is always the first time

Isabelle Aubret - It is always the first time

Cause you, you blow my mind
And when the time is right
Then I will give myself to you (yeah baby)
And I know that its you (here with open arms)
Do you feel it too?
I think I'm going insane, still I can't get enough of your love

Jesse McCartney - Crush'n

So much rap that a whale would choke on it
At dinnertime there are more rhymes in the cupboard
How does a little happy full heart express itself
To my house in stone I welcome you with open arms
I see if there are more seats, sorry, you were too slow
It's like a musical chair, and you just can't fit in it

Makiza - Verses To The Wind

Like forever - Caught in a memory
Do you remember life before you shut the door on me?
And like whenever you want a safe return
I'll be here with open arms to keep you safe from harm

And I know that if you were to save the world

Delain - Scarlet

I was lost, falling apart
You gave me a spot somewhere in your heart
An act of God, a shooting star
You came from afar with open arms
It was so dark, as cold as November
Almost over, I told ya

Deuce - Do You Think About Me

Gu'fanden do we care
You're all our brothers, sisters and our babies

Going out on the street again with open arms and fists
Sweating out all the whisky tømmermænd
And the pain that comes with it

Volbeat - Thanks

I am the sinner upon damnation's way
Always deprived of hope, never to see the break of dawn
My life I lived in the shadow of you
The other side now greets me with open arms

[1st lead - Christopher]

Arch Enemy - Damnation's Way

I told you so you could finally see

And I'm on the street again the only place
Which welcomes me with open arms and gives me a warm farewells
I think it's time for me to be a decent man
Well, hello girl, I'd like to know what is your name

Dawid Podsiadło - No

Turned my darkness to light

You welcomed me in
With open arms
Into unending life

Hillsong United - I'm Not Ashamed

We should always know
To sacrifice our lives for her
Because she is our mother
And we should inherit it with open arms

Corul Bărbătesc din Finteușul Mare - When the beautiful Romania

Verse 1:
Find me with open arms
Pull me towards Your heart
Swept away in the tides of Your Spirit

Hillsong Church - Never Forsaken

Alone with her smile, which nothing could hurt,
alone like an elder sister in her garden.

She was staying along with open arms,
which is how they crucify the children who go away,
with her gentle way of setting table places

José Ángel Buesa - Now she was very old

at the center of the world!

Let us welcome the Bringer of the End
with open arms.
Let us adorn the gates to nothingness
with blood.

Watain - Stellarvore

whose Midas touch an Iron Fist
All the world is proclaiming
yesterday's man a traitor,
and welcome with open arms
his brother as tomorrow's dictator

Primordial - Traitors Gate

Or the uppercut may be so that you keep the sun above me,
Light wins light as a prize, and it's exactly like I could understand
The bitter part, as you hold the knife and you stab me to the hilt,
To stand here with open arms and pretend that I understand.

Light wins light as a prize...

Superbutt - Orally

wants to see your end;
I will be on the road
where you left me,
with open arms
and an immortal love.

José Alfredo Jiménez - When Nobody Loves You

I come empty to be filled
I come guilty to be pardoned
By the blood of Christ the Lamb
And I'm welcomed with open arms
Praise God, just as I am
Praise God, just as I am

Travis Cottrell - Just as I am-I come broken

Your face - It is reflected in the rain puddles
Ey you can even wear gray
When i'm once more not close to you
You wait for me with open arms
In your streets I can lose myself so wunderful
And whatever I'm looking for

Johannes Oerding - Home

I love you (4X)

I'll never give you to another living soul (I love you)
You, that welcomes me with open arms (I love you) (2X)

I love...

Son Pascal - I love you

You are the topic of my eulogy.
You are the ashes scattered across this shit wasteland.

Hell will welcome you with open arms.

Defiler - Cryomancer

Earth springs forth in sky,
Feasible , feasible
like steps in a dance
with open arms,
I hold everything in contempt.

Eleftheria Arvanitaki - Feasible

Just to meet you there

With open arms with open heart

You won’t wanna go away

Mashany - Be your girl

As beautiful as a flower under the rain
As clean as a kid that hasn't met evil
As deep as the ocean
Which welcomes the life with open arms
Give me your heart

Celal Kabadayi - Give Me Something Yours

I wouldn't let you go
you could run run run run but I will follow close
someday you will say "that's it, that's all"
but I'll be waiting there with open arms to break your fall
I know that you think that you're on your own
but just know that I'm here

Streetlight Manifesto - A Better Place, A Better Time

Never let you go

And if the wind you need to fly will blow you home where you belong
I’m holding on with open arms

Sail away, find the place where your heart belongs

Måns Zelmerlöw - Children of the Sun

yes, aeons have flown
but more is to come
for I know time/
/a friend that I greet with open arms/
a brotherhood of deadly harm and joy
\but time is not eternal, their life stars not immortal\

Dark Tranquillity - Shadow Duet

(you wanted me too)
Past this darkness,
I’ll take you as you throw the dazzling light
You’re getting closer (I wait for you with open arms)

Babe Babe you’re my lady luck

EXO - Lady Luck

livin' the life, livin' on a prayer
California dream

I came with open arms ready for the unknown-known-known
a pocket full of stars, but I felt so alone-one-one
beautiful promises, they were all fake

Molly Sandén - California Dream

But I'm not wise
But the important is that it's me
You shouldn't hate me, I decided it like that
With open arms but not towards you
Towards the lands
For which I had always sought, now I open my wings

Mina - Distant Lands

Some dreams can be an easy climb
Come home! There's hope! don't think it twice!

We're waiting here with open arms
I'm gonna fix your broken heart
There'll be a train to bring you home!

Sweet California - This Is The Life

A far off place
Exists in my dreams
Everyone is prepared
Waiting (for me) with open arms

Anyone who sees my face

Hercules (OST) - I'm On My Way

Nothing to hide
Believe what I say
So here I am
With open arms
Hoping you'll see
What your love means to me

RyanDan - Open Arms

You lay there fighting for each breath
While angels hovered 'round your bed
With open arms like God's own smile
They led you to the light

Rodney Crowell - Things I Wish I'd Said

Welcome, it was the best choice!

The customers want us, they want us
Wherever it is, we run with open arms
Customer satisfaction, impressive service
We are the best salesmen

Norazo - Best Salesman

For I know there are fairy tales
in which they get each other in the end

Here I stand with open arms
so your heart can come out

Anna Book - Heaven for two

He doesn't make mistakes

You are wanted
To every broken heart, He stands with open arms
You are wanted To every searching soul, look to the rising sun
If you're lonely, hurting, gone too far

Dara Maclean - Wanted

Taiwan will touch your heart!

A beautiful Island...
welcomes you with open arms
Great food and passion...
No one can resist

Fahrenheit - Touch your heart

what you sacrifice, you must aknowledge
the dream can become lies
i bring nothing
but i catch with open arms


Oh Land - Tightrope Walkers

Don Miguel never touched his wife
he said he did this to protect her honor,
his beloved Raquel heard this,
and with open arms, she gave him her love.

For a couple of years they were happy,

Phantasmagoria (United States) - The Widow of Don Miguel

You, the boat girl, the military man daughter
From that dead era when people could read
Yes, you, the literary person who taught me to write
You, who welcomed me to your table with open arms
You, who tucked me in at night, telling me stories
You who, I remember, knew the nature

Damien Saez - Châtillon-sur-Seine

'Cause tonight my world came crashing down
There was no helpline to be found
Only you were there with open arms
Now I'll sing it to world, you're my oxygen

Jedward - OXYGEN

What you sacrifice you must acknowledge
Dreams can become lies
I take nothing along
But catch (embrace) with open arms

Further, further until you can't understand anything

Oh Land - A Tightrope Dancer

with the wind, with time.

Now there's only life waiting for you,
with open arms
and the strong wish to make you happy.
You can leave whenever you want,

Luis Eduardo Aute - Wind, Time

Life goes on, love, we have to get used to it
and it's not good to stay on your own on that path
There's no worth crying hundred times over one sadness
when life welcomes you with open arms

And what was next, just the wind

Jelen - What Was Next

Welcomed you
Underground with open arms you knew
How fragile their souls were to your abuse
I let you roam around care free

TryHardNinja - Judgement

[Big Punisher]
'Til my last breath I'll have death before dishonor (c'mon)
And welcome drama (yeah) with open arms and a code of honor
My whole persona equals that of Gods
Definin' matters hard all before you even had a job

Big Pun - Whatcha' gonna do

if i was rich i wouldn't be without you
i wouldn't think you every day, would never cry
if i had money you would be in love with me
you would live with me with open arms

Sadri Alışık - If I had money

I pray all through the day
that he’ll return and make my life begin
And when his boat comes in
I run to him with open arms

Jane Morgan - With Open Arms

When no one loves you, when everyone forgets you
and the implacable destiny wants to see your end,
I will be in the path where you left me
with open arms and an immortal love.

Because I want you to know that I am not bitter,

Miguel Aceves Mejía - When No One Loves You

It's been so long since I've seen my home
I've got to get on down that road tonight
The one I love is waitin' there for me
With open arms and love in her eyes

Seeing the days and the nights pass me by

Outlaws - Breaker Breaker

As I see your body sink in sand
And I smile to reject with noble kindness

Welcome you! with open arms
Enormous fire - it's just the state I'm in
A million stitches - I'm one with these injections

Diary of Dreams - Wild

The Lord, He don't wait for me at night
He knows what I've done is wrong and it ain't right
The devil awaits me with open arms
And he sways me with his wiles and with his charms
I'm holding on when there's nothing left to hold onto

The White Buffalo - Sweet hereafter

I have this dream,
About a far off place;
Where my face will be welcomed,
With open arms.
They would greet me,
With a sweet smile,

Hercules (OST) - I Will Go the Distance

Someone who's waiting there for me

With open arms
Love, hope and warmth
Everything you can think of

Anastasia (OST) - Journey Home Again [Journey to the Past]

Imagine what could happen
If we all just stand together
With open arms, and open hearts

Even in the darkest days

Villain of The Story - A Life Worth Living

You've asked time from me
I couldn't handle it
You've received my love with open arms
But I couldn't come
You were loving me even more you love your life

Zarina Mammadova - A Grief

It is heard in the distance like a murmur
Winter harbor
Winter harbor
A soul with open arms
I hear the whistle of the angels' wings

Helen Sjöholm - Winter Harbor

I'm waiting on a love
A love that stands through anything (anything)
And everything (everything)
With open arms, I (I'm giving you my all)
And every part of me (every part of me)
Cuz I know you're my destiny (know you are my destiny)

Boyz II Men - I Finally Know

I will go to the East, to Europe, to Africa
I will look for you from the sky
As long as I see you
And I will go down with open arms into your arms!

And I'm sure that I will bump into you

Vicky Leandros - A flying carpet

Help me!

I greet the night with open arms
To strangulate, to wring its charms
Squeezing the spite from out its veins

Devilment - JudasStein

Who had a hand in our rebirth
But still another day I'll cling to you
For faint directions home
Where we all will sit with open arms
To try to block the rocks we've thrown, so

Blue October - Voice Of A Friend

Empty voice, sorrow silence
it always lead to a prison
but with open arms
and with the hand by the heart
life will be

Leonidas Balafas - Good Heart

Men, I didn't even calculate
How many passed by my dressing room
Mouths could get in Rome passing through me
She with open arms
Making promisses
My gods, anyway!

Chico Buarque - Nancy's Tango

Which animal is right for me?
So I burst through the pearly gates and
I was alarmed by what awaited
They greeted me with open arms: Like I was one of them
And I felt right away they let me in
Absolved me of my prior sins

Voltaire (band) - The Masquerade

Opened my eyes too late, and realized
I had everything when I had your love

You gave me your love with open arms
You showed me in your own way, what it means to love
Felt your caresses and your kisses

Christian Nodal - I Let You Down

There's a Silver lining
In the clouds of doubt
Lean into the storm
With open arms and let them know
You didn't come this far to just let go

Memphis May Fire - Not Over Yet

But all these secrets
Belong to me

Fake with open arms

They'll never find you

Vex Red - Vert

who's waiting for me
Dreams of mine won't lapse.

They'll greet me with open arms
when I find my home.
I'm just going through the learning

Anastasia (OST) - Journey to the Past

Two as one
I finally see what you've become to me
With open arms I'll wait for you
Two as one just come with me

Crossfaith - Demise and Kiss

I am hurting myself
I am desperate
When all is said and done you could be the one
With open arms and open eyes
You are jumping off the edge and hoping you can fly
Accept your fate for what it is

Papa Roach - What Do You Do?

The Lady of the Tree: stone oak

It welcomes the skies
With open arms

When day and night meet

Paysage d'Hiver - The Lady of the Tree

On and on and on you stumble
Towards the evening sun
She waits for you with open arms
You stare right through her

Tim Minchin - Night Will Come

If you don't want me
Then no one will have me

Take me back with open arms

Here I come

Jokke & Valentinerne - Sleepless nights

from traveling throughout the world,
come back to me,
I'm waiting for you
with open arms that are
half-way dead without you.

David Záizar - Come back to me

Hollow horizon
Turn to black
With open arms, I embrace
A world of ruin, a world of ash

Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation

Come into my arms
Come back, if you want it
Then I'll catch you
With open arms
Always and everywhere
Say it out loud and honestly

Philipp Poisel - We do not burn our dreams

Quick! Give him a name, a trident and a chair, sharpish!
What happened to wonder?
Why can't we accept we're not capable of thunder?
So we welcome the lies with open arms
And we turn into suckers when they turn on the charm

Enter Shikari - Tribalism

The black box of emotions has been opened
Survivor of a heart with open scars
I’m drifting close to you without a blindfold
Oh yes, sky-falling into you with open arms

This love is ultraviolet

Jessika - Ultraviolet

Because of the badness reigning on earth
And every time she opens her mouth now to lament weightily about herself
Men die in droves; demons can't injure me
I had compassion with them, welcomed them with open arms
But I had them promise, if I were to help them, never to break the vows
Never to violate them, so shall it be

Cr7z - The Onliest

Her life would be a dream one day
And she would be free
True love would fly to her someday
With open arms, she’d kiss him tenderly
And they would walk to heaven
And I would pray

Roch Voisine - She Had A Dream

Glorify me, adore me
Let your departure finally be
Abandon your family and kill all your friends
With open arms embrace your own end

Fuck this existence and fuck this world

Forgotten Tomb - Reject Existence

I've often dreamt of a strange place
Where people wait for may, telling me "Welcome here"
Where people have room and let me join them
Accepting me as I am with open arms

I'll find my way out behind the horizon

Hercules (OST) - I'll Find My Way

Come back to me, come to my side
Return to the house of the good old days
With open arms and your warm lips
For I have been waiting all these days
Come back to me, my lover

Quốc Khanh - The Moment

Blinded by the light
I cannot see the answers
Here with open arms
My heart is waiting for you

Lacuna Coil - In The End I Feel Alive

Where do I go to get some warmth?
Where do I go when I'm lonely and sad?
Who's ready with open arms? You are
Yes, you are

Pokémon (OST) - I Trust You Implicitly