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Wherever You Might Be

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I looked her in the eyes the last time.
Tears were flowing, they were so bitter.
She asks me not to forget her, it felt like last summer
And I said to her something like "Love doesn't die".
We didn't know that it was the last night
When we could be so, so close.
I remember just empty words
When I was looking at her on the last night...
The last look remained in my memory
The last disappointment I can't forget.
Wherever you might be I will find you
Wherever you might be I will love you
Wherever, in night or day, I will find you
Inside myself, when I will love you,
My sweet one, my bitter one...I will find you.
Every evening when I'm trying to fall asleep,
I cry and listen to her favorite song.
Because it makes me feel her so close,
It reminds me of us, and of the last night...
The last kiss on cold lips,
I feel it trembling with a bitter mouth.
I kiss you in my dream entire nights,
Like a real ghost from last summer.
The last look remained in my memory,
Like a dream, like a story vanished in the clouds.
In night or day I will find you,
I will love you, my bitter one...I will find you
I will love you in the night under the sky full of stars,
Like in my dreams, when I find you.
I will hold you in my arms like the last night,
I will always be near,
When I find you.
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my fave song of o-zone and my fave song, period...had to do it!


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