Πάλιωσε το σακάκι μου (Paliose to sakaki mou) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Πάλιωσε το σακάκι μου

Πάλιωσε το σακάκι μου
θα σβήσω απ’ το μεράκι μου
και καημό έχω μεγάλο
δεν μπορώ να πάρω άλλο
Τόσα κοστούμια χάρισα
μα τώρα που ρεστάρισα
φίλος δε με πλησιάζει
τα παλιόρουχα κοιτάζει
Ντυμένο σε προσέχουνε
κι από κοντά σου τρέχουνε
σαν παλιώσουν πέρα ως πέρα
δε σου λένε καλημέρα
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Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch (metrisch, reimend, singbar)
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My suit jacket has grown so old

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My suit jacket has grown so old,
Like rags it droops and dampens my mood.
A man of major sorrow and woe,
I can’t buy new. Not anymore.
Once, I gave away many fine coats,
But now that I must do without dough,
On the street, no friend dares approach
After seeing my old tattered clothes.
Dress well, and they’ll look out for you.
Yes, they’ll trot right up close to you.
But, as if they themselves might wear away,
They shun the shabby, don’t say good day.
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Kommentare des Autors:

This is not a word-by-word translation. Instead, it is my attempt to capture not only the imagery and ideas of the original lyrics, but also (as much as possible) the strong musicality of the language (which involves end-rhyme, meter, repetition, and other sound-patterns).

There's already an excellent English translation on the site that sticks closer to the exact meanings of the words in the Greek original.

In my own version, I tried to repeat the exact syllable count of each line in the original, allowing the text to be synced to the original music.

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