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Tell me about him

Tell me about him,
You know very well
That he is all my life.
Oh, I'm begging you,
Don't hide anything
What is he doing there?
Does he miss me?
Does he have friends?
Tell me about him,
Tell me the words,
The words that he said
Tell me why
He doesn't write me anymore
I don't understand
I don't understand anymore
I miss him so much I hurt
Tell me about him
When you saw him
Yesterday on the street
Was there somebody else ?
Somebody at his arm ?
Look at me
And answer me,
You are not saying anything
So then tell me
If she is pretty
Prettier than me
And if in his eyes
You saw happiness ?
Oh I'm begging you
Even if I hurt
Tell me about him
Tell me about him,
And tell me
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