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pedro the knife

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Around the corner of the all town i saw him walk
he's walking easy for his god looks he likes to flaunt
keeps all of the time both of his hands inside his coat
so no one can tell in wich of them carries his knife
he always wears a tilted hat with a wide brim
and soft sole shoes just in the case he has to flee
wears dark sunglasses so you dont know what's looking at
and a goldtooth that when he laughs ligths up the street
about three blocks from where he is, a woman walkes by
today she been up and down that sidewalk maybe five times
she gets in a hallway and drinks from her bottlej ust to forget
the day it,s not great ,hardly any clients for her to get
A car cruises slowly so very slowly down that street
it,s got no markings but they all know it's the police
pedro navaja always with his hands withing his coat
looks and smiles and again the shine of that gold tooth
as he keeps walking his eyes keep moving from side to side
he can't see a soul,it is deserted the entire place
of all the sudden out of the hallway that woman comes out
and pedro navaja clutches his knife inside his coat
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sorry i did not get the room to tranlate all


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malefikus    Mo, 28/12/2009 - 10:04

can you finnish it please?i quite like the way you done it,but is unfinnished work

Sciera    So, 04/05/2014 - 10:37

The lyrics have been updated (the end was missing), you may want to update your translation.