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Perfect Wave

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With every wave came a dream,
But dreams are quickly over,
Your board’s gathered dust,
Your doubts are frothing over,
You’ve waited for a lifetime,
You’ve hoped that it's real,
Almost stopped believing,
You've stayed in the same place,
Now it’s coming slowly up to you,
The water splashes in your face,
You see your life just like a film,
You can’t believe it’s going to break,
That is the perfect wave,
That is the perfect day,
Just go with it,
Don’t even give it any thought,
That is the perfect wave,
That is the perfect day,
There’s more than you know,
There’s more than you say,
Your hands are already numb,
You've got salt in your eyes,
Between the tears and dust,
It's hard to believe in,
You’ve waited for a lifetime,
Never counted up the waves,
You never wanted any of it,
You’ve been living far too fast
Stand in the storm and shout out,
I’m right here and I’m free,
The only thing I want is time,
That’s the perfect day.
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Perfekte Welle

Commonwealth    Mo, 26/11/2012 - 19:36

I think it'd sound even better if you used the present perfect continuous in this sentence :"You've been waiting for a lifetime" ^^.