• Tell Me In Time

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Tell Me In Time Liedtext

A young Joni Mitchell
For freaks,
Is staring straight at me but passing me by
As for me I lost the ambition
To speak
When you′re not here to do
The talking
It's not that I want you back,
But I admit that I sometimes
Can miss,
The feeling of being known and to know
The safety of just being safe
But I wish that you′d tell me
In time
I could sense something before
But if something's not
There anymore
Tell me in time so that I won't
Be completely lost
I′m wise not to utter a word,
So nothing of substance
Is heard
They won′t notice if
I'm disturbed
To this block full of flat people
The familiar entrance is blocked
It′s such a strange game
That we play
Too many people in just
One room
Too many things to say
And only hands to do
The talking
Hands that are tied behind
Our backs,
Hands that are busy
Being normal
I could tell you didn't want
Me tonight
I hope that you want
Me tomorrow
Secretive acting though
Nothing is secret,
The only thing secret is you, I′m not pushing anything
On you
You know my position is to stand back and watch you
Grow with the part, or just leave with my heart,
I'm not pushing anything
On you,
I′m not rushing into anything
With you
That you wouldn't want me to do
But I wish that you'd tell me
In time
I could sense something before
But if something′s not there anymore
Tell me in time so that I won′t be
Completely lost
This is not what I expected
To find,
Your picture's been hung
Upside down,
But your well-being ain′t mine
Tell me in time, so that I won't be completely lost, in your world