Philosophy (フィロソフィー) (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Philosophy (フィロソフィー)

辛くて 悔しくて 全く涙が出てくるぜ
くさって白けて投げ出したいつかの 努力も 情熱も
振り出しに何度戻って 歩き出すのも億劫になって
影が消えたらなぜかほっとして 今日も真夜中に行方不明
死ぬ気で頑張れ 死なないために
言い過ぎだって言うな もはや現実は過酷だ
この先を 救うのは
傷を負った 君だからこそ
フィロソフィー フィロソフィー フィロソフィー
フィロソフィー フィロソフィー フィロソフィー
都市の距離感解せなくて 電車は隅の方で立ってた
悲しいかな 生きてたんだ
フィロソフィー フィロソフィー フィロソフィー
フィロソフィー フィロソフィー フィロソフィー
せめて望んだほうに歩けるだけには 強がって
願って 破れて 問いと解 肯定と否定
塞ぎがちなこの人生 承認してよ弁証法
悲しみを知っている 痛みはもっと知っている
立ち上がるのに充分な明日への期待 それ以外は
僕は僕の 問いを解いて
君は君の 君だからこその
フィロソフィー フィロソフィー フィロソフィー
フィロソフィー フィロソフィー フィロソフィー
フィロソフィー フィロソフィー フィロソフィー
フィロソフィー フィロソフィー フィロソフィー
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It's hard, it's frustating. Goddamn, I'm crying.
The flashing of the railroad crossing lights is like a warning for this life.
Rotten and dulled, the effort and passion I had thrown away sometime--
when I need it again, it won't return so easily.
Even with the detours and diversions, it's still good to press forward.
Returning back to square one countless times, it's become troublesome to venture out again.
When the shopping district's lights go out on the way home,
and my shadow disappears it's strangely relieving. Today as well, whereabouts unknown in the dead of night.
Trying to death, so that I won't die.
Don't say that I'm exaggerating, reality is already cruel enough.
The person I failed to become, and the shadow of the ideal me--
I mustn't abandon the person I actually am.
The luck and happiness you won all on your own,
it's almost as if no one has the right to find any faults in them.
What will save you beyond this point,
is only because you bore your wounds:
philosophy, philosophy, philosophy.
Philosophy, philosophy, philosophy.
Unable to unravel my estrangement from the city, I stood in the corners of trains.
I didn't want anyone to trample on my beliefs, so I always spoke in keigo.*
I didn't want anyone to peep into my heart, so I hushed the shapes of my principles.
Ashamed of being empty inside, I always armed myself with superficial theoretics.
Protect yourself, until the day that weak shield
becomes strong enough to fight with.
I'll pull back if my modesty and humility are unreasonably excessive.
If someday, my humiliation clears away, then with my insulted weakness:
The provided points for how to lead a life that won't go well
refine the outlines of shadows that I just want to disappear.
Is it sad? We've been living it.
It's because it's been like that, that it's your
philosophy, philosophy, philosophy.
Philosophy, philosophy, philosophy.
Because there's no end to thinking of rights and wrongs,
I can at least put on a strong face and walk the path I wished to.
Wishing, tearing it up. Query and solution. Affirmation and denial.
This life that tends to stand in my way. Dialectics, acknowledge it!
I know of sadness. I know even more of pain.
The solution that cannot be led by anything other is the existence of yourself.
From the very beginning, there was no existence of a motive for us to keep living,
other than a tomorrow in which it's enough to just stand.
I will answer my own questions,
and for you: your philosophy that is because you are yourself.
Philosophy, philosophy, philosophy.
Philosophy, philosophy, philosophy.
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*Keigo is a very polite, refrained speech style in Japanese

Disclaimer: I am super drunk right now (like, really drunk...), but I usually do a pretty good job translating. Please point out any mistakes if you catch them