'Â pittima (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Fabrizio De André
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A Pittima

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What can I do
if I do not have the arms to be a sailor
if in the end to the arms I do not have the hands of the mason
and I have a hard punch that looks like a nest
I have a chest off a finger
right to hide behind the suit by a thread
and go around asking for money
to whom takes them and gave them to have provided
and I ask him timidly, but among the people
and those who do not want to give reason
that seems to sneeze thunder
I send him to say that living is expensive, but cheap
I am a respected godwit
and do not go around telling
that when the victim is a beggar I give him mine.
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'Â pittima

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