Plow through

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Plow through (Englisch) — 1. Figurative; To work through/on something with determination. She plowed through that project. It took her the whole night though.
2. Literal; To move through something such as snow or mud with a plow. Ships and aircraft can be said to plow through, or ply the water (efficiently moving through their mediums). To effectively furrow a field (farming).

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"Plow through" in lyrics

From the cabin he/she/it rushes outside
Makes a way through the crowd
Bare feets plow through the snow
Coldness is troubling inside the soull

Verjnuarmu - Reflection

Ask!, so that I may finally pull off the shroud
Give me a star!, so that its ray may penetrate me,
Wings!, oh, to plow through the air,
Or a handful of earth, orally...

Superbutt - Orally

A voice comes to me
“Never let go of your dreams”
I plow through rough waves and
Vigorously fly

Brave (OST) - Toward the sky

The life-carousel rocks us drunkenly
And leaves us soberly at a noisy market.
We fly carelessly though time of youth,
We plow through age mature, regular.
The years severely tick-tock-
Until portioned and paid up and stumbling we stand,

Kajto - The Big Fair

Plow through the sky
Powerful Luolaien,
As men would cut
Your happy flight.

Young Deang, your good wife

Ana Alcaide - Goddess Luolaien

I'm shooting
I'm shooting
away everything I see
You plow through
I misread

Olle Ljungström - Imagine If It Was Worth Something

Alone in a corner
Is my guitar

Together we plow through
Paths that in my imagination
Were paths of love

Pecos - Guitar

you're wandering.
Remember that I love you
when another loveless steps
plow through the path by which
you're walking.

RUMBA TRES - Remember that I love you