El Vacilón De La Mañana - ¿Por que Dios te hizó tan fea? (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

porque dios te hiz tan fea

This was a girl that became asphyxiated by me
but who was really ugly...
she was so ugly...
that Freddy Krueger had nightmares about her
I'm gonna tell her so today in a song
I don't wanna kiss your mouth
you look like a mad cow
and your butt looks so strange
you're as ugly as a grenade explosion
your lips are so big
like a horse's mouth
your hair is like feathers on a rooster
that's torn to shreds after a fight
why did God make you so ugly
you look like a mud turtle
you're cross-eyed
three rotten teeth
dents on your butt
a twisted mouth
porque dios te hizo tan fea
tiene un ojo virado
la nalga abolada
It's just she's ugly!!!!!
uglier than hunger [itself], that poor girl
When you're by my side
Of you I am afraid
your body is insane
if you're beautiful on the inside, take off your skin
being with you is possible
if you were invisible
you deserve surgery
because you're uglier than hunger in life
Porque dios te hizo tan fea
tiene un ojo virado
la nalga deformada
tiene un ojo virado
la nalga abollada
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¿Por que Dios te hizó tan fea?

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