Pra que conversar ? (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

What is the point of talking?

There's no point in insisting in staying
And prolonging this pain in which I am
The thing we had left a mark, but now it's over
It's better for you not to search for me
There's no point in faking what you want
If I already know your intentions
I'm not stupid to be just another lover
Living just one night of love
I've already discovered why you left
The reason for you to leave
One day you fell in love
But I know you didn't learn how to love me
Tell me now what is the point in talking
If you were the one who left me
You call me and try to confort me
And I do know it's going to be better
For us not to talk to each other anymore
There's no point in keeping calling me
Our story has become a parto of the past.
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Pra que conversar ?

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